Proceedings of the Indian National Congress- 1885-1889 (Set of Two Volumes)

Proceedings of the Indian National Congress- 1885-1889 (Set of Two Volumes)

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Item Code: AZE823
Author: Mushirul Hasan
Language: ENGLISH
Edition: 2012
ISBN: 9789381523148
Pages: 1981 (Throughout B/w Illustrations)
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Book Description

About the Author
Professor Musirul Hean is an internationally renowned historian, prolific author and former Vice Color of Jamia Milia Islamia University, Dell Professor Hasan has also authored Partners in Freedom Jamia Milia flamia (Niyogi Books, 2006); Muting Memin Niyog Books, 2009), and The Aval Punch Wit and Humour in Colonial North India 0007) and Wit and Wisdom: Pickings from the Parsee Punk (2012) as part of the Punch series brought out.

He has when extensively on the Partition of India, on communalism and on the histories of Marie Souds Ads Professor Hasan was the elected Pen of die Indian History Congress in 2002. In 2007, he was awarded dhe Padma Shri by the Cover of India and in 2010 the Ordre des Paces Fradimiques was conferred upon him by the Fu Covernment. He is presendy the Director Gece of the National Archives of India.

In nineteenth-century Europe, nationalism became associated with popular sovereignty with the idea loyalty the came before These of Mazzini Irish who influenced and other countries of nationalism. As London, Surendranath Banerjea learnt and lectured him. considered Mazzini's biography in Today, nationalism is understood to an term under which are subsumed the related phenomena of national identity and collectivities based on them-nations; occasionally, is employed refer the ideology which national identity and consciousness.

Is nationalism imported into from Europe? Some people think that in Japan, and India, the patriotism was and deeply imbedded in people. According nationalism Asia grew alongside Europe and arose out similar circumstances; that resistance foreign The associations and the Congress expressed this different ways common refrain to petition the government to reform the legislative council share of public office Indians This resolution, according Allan Octavian who Hindi Punch described 'political rishi Modern Bharat-indicated very great task which the India, enceforth and ruggle lasted popular representation was conceded reforms of 1909.

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