Purusha-Suktam And Narayana-Suktam

Purusha-Suktam And Narayana-Suktam

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Item Code: IDH268
Publisher: Sri Ramakrishna Math, Bangalore
Language: (Text and Translation)
ISBN: 8171209874
Pages: 41
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 4.4" X 3.4"
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Book Description


Tracing the projection of everything in the universe to the supreme Brahman (Purusha, or supreme Person), the Purushasukta, a short hymn of eighteen Riks, contains a succinct of the Vedanta philosophy, which deals with the relation between man, God, and the universe. It is sung on many occasions; it is recited daily by millions wedded to the search for the supreme. This Sukta finds a place in all the Vedas, with slight variations. This shows its supreme importance.

Tradition ordains that this Sukta is to be recited daily along with the Bhagavad gita, Vishnusahasranama etc. and the Gautam, Bodhayana, and Apasthamba Smriti Texts prescribe its use in various rites and ceremonies.

The Text followed here is the one appearing in taittiriya Aranyaka, III. 12-13 An expository English version stressing the spirit of the Sukta, along with the accented original is being issued for the benefit of those who are not well versed in Sanskrit, so that they may recite it knowing the implied meaning of the text. This will improve their devotional temperament.

The well known Narayana-Sukta, also from Taittiriya Aranyaka X. 13, whose "ideas" form the basis of meditation on the supreme Person, is also included in this booklet. The rendering of the Narayana-Sukta and that of the second section of Pnrusha-sukta are reprinted from our publication, Mahanarayanopani shad.

We hope the book in this popular form will be a graeat help to the innumerable spiritual aspirants who repeat these Mantra texts regularly.

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