Queen of the Seven Crossroads Humberto Maggi edition Hardback

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Queen of the Seven Crossroads
Humberto Maggi.

Published in August, 2020.
146 pages

History and myth come together to create and continuously develop the definitions and the interpretations about who or what the Queens of Quimbanda are. The aim of this treatise is to provide a conceptual background for a better comprehension of the identity and role of the Queen of the Seven Crossroads which will enable the devotee to develop a consistent practice of work and communion with this elevated spirit.

Humberto Maggi surveys the historical developments that influenced the creation of the concept of the Queen of the Seven Crossroads in the Brazilian magico-religious system Quimbanda that emerged in the first half of the 20th century, as well as the ideas and techniques inherited both from Europe and Africa. He looks at how various myths, historical figures, and misunderstandings combined to create one of the most powerful pombagiras – what elements shaped her, what and who inspired her legend, and how to work with her in your own practice.

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