The Quest After Perfection

The Quest After Perfection

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Item Code: AZE335
Author: M. Hiriyana
Language: ENGLISH
Edition: 2018
Pages: 148
Other Details 8.50x5.50 inches
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Book Description

About the Book
The Quest After Perfection, first published in 1952, is a collection of eight remarkable essays on Indian philosophy by Prof. M. Hiriyanna. The learned professor discusses at great length the topic of values, a subject that has received much attention the world over. In his own words. "Indian philosophy is essentially a philosophy of values. With great clarity, he cogitates upon Truth, Goodness, and Beauty-often called the 'eternal values in the Western tradition. He also expounds the traditional Indian idea of the Purusharthas, or the goals of human life-dharma (sustainability), artha (wealth), käma (desire), moksa (release)-by sharing thoughtful insights on them.

About the Author
Mysore Hiriyanna (1871-1950) was a well known Sanskrit professor and an authority on Indian philosophy and aesthetics. Intimately familiar with the classics of Sanskrit and English, Hiriyanna devoted his life to the cause of making clear and accessible the wisdom of ancient India. He set the standard for scholars writing about Indian subjects in English. All through his life he remained a quiet, humble, disciplined, and altruistic person who primarily sought to better himself as a human being.

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