Rosicrucian compendium lessons by Reuben Swinburne Clymer

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A very rare 3 volume book set that are composed of the following orders teachings 

The 3 volume books consist of the following titles to the best of my knowledge ( I may be a few titles off but this is the just of whats in the volumes from what I can see ) 

  • Fraternitas Rosae Crucis (Fraternity of the Rosy Cross), Temple, Order and Society
  • Æth Priesthood and Priesthood of Melchizedek, Prince and Princesses
  • Imperial Council of the Magi
  • Fraternity of Osiris
  • Order of the Rose
  • L'Ordre du Lis
  • Illuminatae Americanae
  • Church of Illumination

The following titles are as follows 


1.The Constitution of the temple Supreme Grand Lodge 120 pages

  1. The Rose cross order a short sketch 244pgs
  2. International Esoteric and Illuminated Bible lessons  264pages
  3. Diet the way to health 298 pages

5.Divine Law 213pgs

6.The Rosicrucians clymer 52pgs

  1. Clymer R Swinesburne 208 pgs
  2. The way to Godhood 204ps
  3. The Way to Godhood text book 202pgs. ( if this book is the same as previous title please remove it )

10.The Aeth Mystery 62pgs

  1. Christisis is Higher 200 pgs
  2. Divine Mystery 196pgs
  3. The Age of treason 404pgs
  4. Christhood and Adeptship 114pgs
  5. The Gods immaculate conception 107pgs


Volume 2 books are 

  1. The divine spark and the pyramid 52pgs
  2. The mystery of sex & race regeneration 320ps
  3. The imperialistic council of the magi 54pgs
  4. Grand grimoire ( my provided pdf ) 204 pgs
  5. Alchemy and the Alchemist giving the secret to the philosphers stone 258pgs
  6. Alchemy and the Alchemist v2 240pgs

22 . Alchemy ad the Alchemist v 3 256pgs

  1. Philosophy of fire 264pgs
  2. The Thomosian system of medicine 


  1. The Son of god and the mystical teachings of the master 232
  2. Th Mystery of osiris 288 ps
  3. Soul science and immortality 208pgs
  4. The science of the soul 218 pgs
  5. The way of life and immortality 216pgs


Volume 3 Books are 

  1. True Spiritualism 202pgs
  2. Rosicrucian teaching and mysterious manifesto 312pgs
  3. A divine law mastership a fundamental textbook 232pgs
  4. Ancient mystical oriental masonry 208pgs
  5. The interpretation of St John an exposition of the divine 276pgs
  6. The Illumined faith mystical interpretation of the gospel of Saint John in harmony with higher soul 204pgs
  7. True spiritualism a contradiction of word by JOhn E roberts 204ps
  8. Making health certain 200pgs
  9. Vaccinations brought home to you 200 pgs
  10. How to create the perfect baby 156pgs
  11. Your health your sanity in the age of treason  312 pgs
  12. Soul consiousness 

42 Nature healing agents

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