Ramdas Kathia Baba (A Short Biography of His Holiness Shree 108 Swamy)

Ramdas Kathia Baba (A Short Biography of His Holiness Shree 108 Swamy)

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Book Specification

Item Code: NAD232
Author: Swamy Santadas
Publisher: Sri Amalendu Roy
Edition: 1998
ISBN: 9788181484975
Pages: 113
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details 8.5 inch x 5.5 inch
Weight 230 gm

Book Description

Authors Preface: First Edition

My original intention was to make this book available only to my co disciples and intimate friends of discernible religious temper. I suspected that readers in general would be hard put to accept the veracity of the incidents narrated herein. On premising the manuscript, however, many an astute friend of mine opined that, giving the cement ambience, the book is likely to be beneficial to one and all. .I am persuaded by their counsel to release this slender volume for unrestricted dissemination. Should it promote, even marginally, a desire in the society to tread the footsteps of our venerable sages, the publication will have achieved its purpose.


The divine life and biography of Shree 108 Swami Ramdas Kathia Babaji Maharaj, originally written in Bengali by his disciple, our Dada Guruji (Shree 108 Swami Santadas Kathia Babaji Maharaj) is an epic creation in the field of Nimbarka literature.

The wonderful English translation of the above book has surpassed my expectations and is a jewel in religious literature. This book can change the moral order of the day and uplift and purify the souls of all.

I am happy to inform the readers that the translator Mr. Amalendu Roy has donated the entire proceeds of his work to the welfare of Sri Sri Ramdas Kathia Baba Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya.

I thank my dearest Gurubrother, Sri A. Roy for his noble mission and hope that Babaji Maharaj may bless him and prey to Thakurji for his peace and prosperity.

Translator’s Note

The Appendix in the original Bengali edition has not been translated; it happens to be way beyond my reach.

This translation, for whatever it is worth, I dedicate most humbly to the lotus feet of my Sadguru, His Highness Shree 108 Swamy Dhananjaydas Kathia Baba, a fitting successor to the august author of the divine biography.

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