REASONANCES By Carl Abrahamsson,Occult,Esoteric,Metaphysical,Grimoire,Witchcraft,poetry

REASONANCES By Carl Abrahamsson,Occult,Esoteric,Metaphysical,Grimoire,Witchcraft,poetry

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Reasonances is an anthology of selected essays, lectures and interviews by occultural pioneer Carl Abrahamsson. A subversive, creative, psychedelic collection of 23 essays spanning thirteen years at the forefront of occulture and magi, followed an interview with the author by Sylvie Walde. The unifying question of this diverse and stimulating collection can perhaps be stated thus: how does magic hack culture? Or perhaps even: what is the role and magic of the artist?

Abrahamsson proposes strategies of engagement that raw from TOPY, Thelema and Satanism, with which he is intimately acquainted. His magic is that of the interzone, the hinterland, of the unseen forces that drive culture forward. Reasonances is therefore a nexus of heretical possibilities investigated with alm reflection that goes beyond his native Scandinavian cool. It is with great generosity of spirit, a candour and lack of dogma that he outlines his understanding of magic as art. For Abrahamsson, boundless creativity is a necessary expression of Will. He suggests that we should be actively producing culture, artifacts, music, artworks, happenings. And that these ‘acts on the ground’ could be understood as a Gesamtkunstwerk, the Mega Golem, that will leak into popular and unpopular consciousness. He wants us to reason, to act, to live with meaning. To do our Will.

With an understanding of Magician as Artist, in a process of moving from what is hidden to what becomes seen, he employs a methodology that has become apparent in the thirteen years of work that this collection represents. Essays on the history of occult art, the formula of Babalon s supra-sexual transformatio, the mechanics of magic, and more, provide a complete vision of a magician who is engaged with ounterculture, ccultur and incursions into the wider culture. Furthermore, he provides a constellation of tars by which to navigate these evolving realms. Japanese masochist and master writer Yukio Mishima and German novelist Ernst Jüger are considered, as are Bulwer Lytton of Vril fame and Australian artist Rosaleen Norton. He wice nterviews artist of light Kenneth Anger, and is found in conversation with Beat avant-garde filmmaker Conrad Rooks. He recites his death rune for mentor Anton LaVey, and eulogises his friend Lady Jaye. These ‘stars’ are carefully observed with his astrolabe, enabling us to see into the past, comprehend where we are n the present, and project ourselves forward into a magical future.


Twentieth century occultism
Insignificant anthropocentrism
Hounded by the dogs of reason
Someone is messing with the big picture
An art of high intent
Everything must go … ON!
State of the art
Go forth and let your brain halves procreate
A mega golem official
Thelema and politics
The deconstruction of a map …
The sorcery of fiction
‘Le vieux sorcier’ still enchants
Rosaleen Norton
Mishima and the noble art of suicide
Approaching the approaching
Into the abyss and back again
‘I think the explosion of creative force …’
‘I always overcome …’
Fredrik Söderberg
An extra human being
Anton LaVey: Respect to master magician
An interview with Carl Abrahamsson by Sylvie Walder