Religion and Philosophy of The Hindus

Religion and Philosophy of The Hindus

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Item Code: UAN034
Author: D.A. Gangadhar
Publisher: Prachya Vidya Bhawan, Varanasi
Language: English
Edition: 2022
ISBN: 978815555574
Pages: 549
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It is well known, that the original Véda is believed by the Hindus to have been revealed by brahma, and to have been preserved by tradition, until it was arranged in its present order by a sage, who thence obtained the surname of Vyása, or Védavyása: that is, compiler of the Védas. He distributed the Indian scripture into four parts, which are severally entitled Rich, Tajush, Sáman, and Atharvana; and each of which bears the common denomination of Véda.
In the first chapter of the tenth book there is a hymn to water, spoken by a king named sindhudwipa, the son of ambarisha. The seventh chapter contains several passages, from the fifteenth to the eighteenth sucla, which allude to a remarkable legend, asamati, son or descendant of icshwacu, had deserted his former priests and employed others: the forsaken Brahmanas recited incantations for his destruction: his new priests, however, not only counteracted their evil designs, but retaliated on them, and caused the death of one of those Bráhmanas: the rest recited these prayers for their own preservation, and for the revival of their companion.
The eighth chapter opens with a hymn which alludes to a story respecting nabha'nedisht'ha, son of menu, who was excluded from participation with his brethren in the paternal inheritance. The legend itself is told in the Aitareya Brahmana, or second portion of the Rigvéda.

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