Religion and World Peace

Religion and World Peace

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Item Code: UAN770
Author: Rabindra Kumar
Publisher: Gyan Publishing House, New Delhi
Language: English
Edition: 2006
ISBN: 9788121209038
Pages: 124
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Book Description

About the Book
All religious books and preachings of various saints and sages of India and the world like Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Lord Buddha, Lord Mahavira, Lord Jesus Christ, Prophet Muhammad, Guru Nanak Dev etc. have given similar message of universal love, brotherhood and peace for the upliftment of mankind. Undoubtedly, the religion has an important place in human life and it joins the heart to hearts; it inspires the people to lead an ideal and peaceful life. All Hindus, Muslims, Christians and Sikhs offer prayer to one and the same God for bestowing love, peace, unity and prosperity. Thus, all religious communities are equal and sacred and everybody should pay respect to all other communities and should refrain from criticism. Also, it is the need of the hour that the people should follow the path of religion and lead an ideal and peaceful life based on universal love, brotherhood and unity.

This book, Religion and World Peace', by universally renowned scholar Dr. Ravindra Kumar is a remarkable and most valuable work on philosophy, religion and spirituality. The author has endeavoured to explain the aims and objectives of religion and high human values that are necessary for world peace.

About the Author
Dr. Ravindra Kumar is an eminent writer, thinker, scholar, political-scientist, peace-worker and educationist, who has more than 100 works on great personalities of the Indian Sub-continent including Mahatma Gandhi, and on various social, religious, political, historical, educational and cultural issues to his credit. Some of his well-known works include Morality and Ethics in Public Life, Theory and Practice of Gandhian Non-Violence, Non Violence and Its Philosophy, Five Thousand Years of Indian Culture, Civilization: Its Principles and Evolution and Mahatma Gandhi in the Beginning of Twenty-first Century. A noted Indologist and the Former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Meerut, India, Dr. Ravindra Kumar has been associated with a number of national and international academic, cultural, educational, social and peace organizations and institutions. He has visited many countries of the world as a Visiting Professor and Scholar and has delivered more than 300 lectures around the world on subjects related to Asian values, civilization, culture, economic-cooperation, Gandhism, human rights, international understanding, way of life and world peace. Dr. Ravindra Kumar is the Editor of Global Peace-International Journal. Between 1993 and 2006 he has organized many national and international seminars at various places on Religion and Politics, Morality and Ethics, Education, Peace and Development, Non-Violence and Democracy, Human Rights and Relevance of Mahatma Gandhi. Besides Shan-i-Kaum, Ambassador for Peace and other honours, Padma Shri was awarded to Dr. Ravindra Kumar by His Excellency, The President of India.

Dr. Ravindra Kumar's book on religion and peace is a remarkable and valuable work on religion, spiritualism and philosophy. The author has endeavoured to explain the ideal, aims and objectives of religion and high human values, which are necessary for world peace.

Religion is at the very basis of human life. Religion influences every human action and behaviour and so it affects the very activity of human life. Whatever explanations and meanings of the fundamental basis of life be given, and since whenever we may accept its very existence, we cannot but accept this fact that 'religion' has been the source of establishing peace in the world that means peace for all human beings.

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