Religion in Social Flux- A Seen In The Main Puranas (An Old and Rare Book)

Religion in Social Flux- A Seen In The Main Puranas (An Old and Rare Book)

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Item Code: AZF378
Language: ENGLISH
Edition: 1998
Pages: 337
Other Details 9.00x6.00 inches
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Book Description

About The Book

The book is a study of Puranic religion. Like any other social phenom enon it can be studied from various points of view such as historical, anthropological, psychological, socio logical which interdependent. are not mutually. The present book studies Puranic religion with an integrated analytical approach of some of these stand-points. It shows how Puranic religion was a product of changing social circum stances and at the same time it brought about changes in society. The study "is a fresh and well guided methodologi cal approach to mark the gradual evolution of religious concepts with the bearing on a social normative change".

About The Author

Dr. (Smt.) A.B. Bakre B.A. (Sanskrit & Marathi), 1962 Mumbai University Recepient of Bhau Daji Prize

* Acharya Prize

* Tukaram Javji Fellowship

M.A. (Sanskrit & Ardhamagadhi), 1964, Mumbai University

M.A. (Sociology), 1978 Mumbai University

Ph.D. 1993, Mumbai University 1994 to 1996 - Recepient of Springer Research Scholarship of Mumbai University for her research project entitled 'Values reflected in the Puranic Stories'.

She was teaching Sanskrit at Ramnarain Ruia College, Mumbai from 1964 to 1994.

From 1996 onwards she is teaching Sanskrit and guiding research students at the Post-graduate Department of Sanskrit of the University of Mumbai.

She has presented her research papers at various seminars and conferences.

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