Ritwik Ghatak Stories

Ritwik Ghatak Stories

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Item Code: AZE839
Author: Rani Roy
Language: ENGLISH
Edition: 2018
ISBN: 9789386906434
Pages: 224
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Book Description

About the Book
Ritwik Ghatak, the famous filmmaker, is known all over India and abroad for some of the greatest films made in India, which set the scene for future film making. But his short stories-works of miniaturist art in their own right-are less known. The stories collected in this volume speak well for themselves as much as they remind his audience of another facet of his versatility which was eclipsed by the more obvious virtuosity of his flexography.

The stories reflect his protest against the wickedness, villainy and oppression' he saw around him, his romantic nostalgia for a lost El Dorado, his intense feeling for man's natural environment-the land, the sea and the sky. While the stories mirror the ethos of the tumultuous decade of India in the 40s, they go beyond that to reveal a vision of life that encompasses a compassion for human frailties and a deep commitment to humanism.

Deftly crafted, easily rivaling the best in the genre, these stories are not only a living part of his development as a creative artist-as a writer and as a filmmaker-they are also essential for an understanding of the totality of being that went into the making of his films.

The volume claims our attention as an important addition to the Ghatak archive, as a substantial source material for any ongoing research on his films.

About the Author
Rani Ray studied English College, London and University California. She taught English the University Delhi, University California at Santa Barbara and Of English Poland. rendered into English volume of Bengali fiction short stories of eminent writers Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay, Gangopadhyay, Goswami, Bhattacharya, Anita Agnihotri above all Rabindranath Tagore. translation Sibaji Bandyopadhyay's mammoth, breaking Colonialism and Children's Bengal has been recently published Tulika Books, Delhi.

For lovers, whether in India abroad, Ritwik Ghatak surely needs no introduction. But his short his films. readers, therefore, few words be necessary way an introduction.

Some artists and after having reached top, appear long for second love-a medium which different from in they had established their reputation. insatiable urge for challenges adventures on new soil of productivity probably drove Rabindranath Tagore seriously take painting in his sixties. Or, was sense impatience with available expression in poetry, which were inadequate for communicating the and complex concerns that were agonizing him the 1930s?

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