Rosicrucian 5 Volume rare lesson compendium Set

Rosicrucian 5 Volume rare lesson compendium Set

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Each book seems to be custom made with rare hard nosed leather , sewn binding , decorated end pages ,with Gold gold designs on cover and spine which gives a very elegant look to every volume. Each volume has a gold thread book marker to accompany the numerous pages that compile each volume. Each book weighs roughly 7-9 lbs a piece and are not carry books. These books seems to have been made for a private library for reference material. Each set of lessons seem to be over 30 years worth of lessons . Typically it takes a life time for one to obtain and read through just 1 complete set of any Fraternal order lessons. But now, in this rare opportunity you can own the set to read at your leisure at a fraction of the cost that it would take to buy them monthly and yearly at an astronomical cost !

V 1 = 2897 pgs
Atriums Lessons
Neophyte lessons
1st degree to 4th degree 

Introductory history and material to Spencer Ralph Lewis and the Rosicurcian Order 
Rosicrucian manual 
Analytical series lectures 

V 2 = 3481 pgs
5th degree lessons to 9th degree 

Supplemental monographs 
leisure hour monographs 
Kabala  lessons 42 lessons
Fragments  Masters Lessons

V 3 = 3347 pgs
10th degree lesson 1 - 11th degree 

V 4 = 2605 pgs
12th degree lesson 2 to lesson 325

V 5 =  2899 pgs

Planes Degrees 1-5 ,various lectures by Ralph Spence Lewis
The Andrea lectures
A secret meeting in Rome
Strange encounters
invisible empire
Mystical bible class lessons

The AMORC grades, or as they called, Degrees, are arranged into four sections or groups:

*Neophyte section - That is the basic section and includes three degrees.

*Temple section – That is the intermediate section and includes eight degrees. After the year 2000,
there was a reformation of the degrees, and their titles changed as well as the name of this section. 

*Illuminati section – That is the advanced section and includes four degrees. After the year 2000, their titles changed. For instance, the Illuminati section was split in three sections: The Illuminati proper section, including the 9th, 10th, and 11th degrees. The Esoteric Hierarchy section, including the 12th degree as an introduction to a new entire new section called the Ordo Summum Bonum

*Ordo Summun Bonun section - That section has a subsection entitled the Planes, which includes another set of nine degrees. The “Plane” degrees were created by HSL's son Ralph Maxwell Lewis (1904–1987), initiate name: Sar Validivar, during his period as AMORC Imperator (1939 to 1987). Those degrees are purely philosophical in nature and discuss the nature of the Cosmic and its Natural Laws.
( It seems in this 5 volume set the lessons of the planes only go up to the 7th plane so 8-9 are missing from this archival material )

Please understand THAT ALL SALES ARE FINAL ! There can be no return on the items although the books will come exactly as listed and as shown in the following pictures 

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