Sabdavrttis: Powers of Words (An Old and Rare Book)

Sabdavrttis: Powers of Words (An Old and Rare Book)

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Book Specification

Item Code: UAK284
Author: G. Marulasiddaiah
Publisher: University of Mysore, Mysore
Language: English
Edition: 1966
Pages: 180
Other Details 9.50 X 6.50 inch
Weight 400 gm

Book Description


The problem of word-meaning Synthesis (Vrttis) is the subject matter of this thesis. When I was groping in darkness to choose the subject of my thesis the late Prof: M. Hiriyanna helped me by suggesting this topic (Sabdavittis) as an unbeaten track. I am sorry I am not fortunate enough to submit this completed work to him. Material as much as I could collect is collected from both the ancient and modern critics on grammar and rhetorics and I have compared our views with the idea of verbal import as reviewed by a few Western critics. Words indicate meanings. How do they? What transpires in our mind before a verbal unit acts syntactically and independently to help communication? Is it purely physical, or mental or is there an intrinsic potentiality in words or not? How is that reviewed by our ancient critics? How many theories revolve around this investigation on the Power of words "-such and other topics are discussed in my thesis. dedicated to this most important problem of the inter-relation of word and meaning, encompassing all scientific critical and communicative aspects of words in the world. My guide Dr. A. N. Narasimhaiah, Rtd. Professor of Philology, Mysore University helped me in getting my synopsis amended and approved by almost all Professors of our Universities. Many people have helped me. Sri B. P. Mallaraj Urs (Superintendent, Govt. Text-Book Press, Mysore) M. A. Lakshminarasimhiah, both I must remember here; I am indeed grateful to the University authorities for bringing this to light. To all my teachers, colleagues and students who have directly and indirectly helped me, I offer my thanks.

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