Samael Aun Weor Private lessons # 21-40, Ageac

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This is the advanced private lesson set or sequel to the (also see the additional listing for previous lessons set 1-20 )

This is 19 booklets (35-60 pages each) (lessons 21-48) plus occult exercises, Unique Advance private lessons of the AGEAC inner lessons by Samael Aun Weor . This set not only contains the private lessons but also includes the private exercises for specific lessons within the set along with the Tree of Life Chart as taught by the Samael Aun Weor. Very rare and hard to find especially in 1 set.This is well over 500 pages of some pretty intensive set of lessons offered by Samael from the Ancient Gnostic teachings that were taught by him in South America. Samael discussed many topics and offered many exercises utilizing the methods of the Initiates of South America and Far Asia to aid the seekers in the west in becoming illuminated. His knowledge of Ancient History can only be compared with the work of Dr Doreal of the B.W.T Here are some of the courses that are found in this set

The Science of Meditation
The Origin of Man
The Power of Sound and Chakras
The Sephiroth in Kaballah
How to Learn to Listen
Didactics for the intuition of the Ego
The Transmutation of energies
Transcendental Sexology
The Science of Tantrism
The Origin of Ego
The Study of man
The Four Ways
Alchemy and the Great Work
The 9 Dantesque Circles
Magic of Elementals
Symbology of Pentalpha
The Study of Runes
Lamasery Gymnastics
The 3 Factors

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