Secrets of the Inner Blast (Oneness With God Through A Crisis or Through Kundalini Magic)

Secrets of the Inner Blast (Oneness With God Through A Crisis or Through Kundalini Magic)

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Item Code: UAL115
Author: Ravindra Kumar
Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publishing House, Delhi
Language: English
Edition: 2022
ISBN: 9789393214003
Pages: 480
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Book Description

About The Book

Either by accident; or through a Self-Realized Guru/Sad-guru; or by one's special own efforts; the practitioner may undergo/ create a moral, mathematical, scientific or religious "crisis" leading to an "inner blast" that makes the person "dwij" of Vedas or "born again" of Jesus Christ, which qualifies a person to enter the Kingdom of God within. For example, British actress Sarah Miles experienced oneness with God after a "moral inner blast"; I passed through a "religious crisis", Sir Fred Hoyle passed through a "scientific crisis" and Swami Ramakrishna Paramhans crossed a "religious crisis".

The present book describes various accidental happenings and prepared religious crisis that have lead individuals to the "inner blast." This blast means opening of the "Knot" called "Chijjad Granthi" at the level of the heart. This is the helicopter's quick method to God as compared to the bullock cart's slow method of organized religions that have really become obsolete. Then there are clear tests to know if one has achieved "cosmic consciousness" as laid down by the wise men, see for example "cosmic consciousness" as laid down by the wise men, see for example "cosmic consciousness" by richard Maurice Bucke, who passed through a "literary crisis" before realising the Self. A step-wise formula to witness "atman" and to achieve oneness with God is given at the end of chapter 2.

About the Author

Prof. Dr. Ravindra Kumar, a Ph.D. from I.I.T., Delhi in 1968 continued post-doctoral research at universities at Lancaster and London, U.K., and taught Mathematics in about ten countries. Through (sustained) astanga yoga his Kundalini awakened in 1987 in Zimbabwe. After several books in Maths he wrote twenty books on Kundalini and life after death. He published about thirty research papers in Maths and then about fifteen in spirituality and Paranormal Research, USA, and founder President of the Academy of Kundalini Yoga and Quantum Soul. He has been professor and head of Yoga Philosophy and Meditation Dept. at Hindu University of America at Florida/ Orlando, USA. He has successfully initiated a large number of selected practitioners around the world who got their Kundalini awakened and realised the Self/ God.


There is an "unseen world" running parallel to the "seen physical world" in which we live. The unseen world contains various energies and it is the basis of the seen world. For example, unseen electricity was discovered by Michael Faraday and because of it fan, light bulb, refrigerator, various motors and so on came into existence. Unseen sound energy was discovered which gave rise to phone, loud speaker and many other things. Unseen air and water particles came to be known which are the basis of our life. In the list of unseen great things the greatest is the atman or soul, which is the ultimate divine cause of entire existence. As soon as electricity is withdrawn the fan stops running. In the same way, as soon as the soul is withdrawn the human body falls dead. Lot of research is done and is still continued on various unseen energies but the humanity has not yet concentrated on atman or soul properly. Man of ordinary consciousness cannot comprehend the utterances of a man of "cosmic consciousness," that's why we cannot understand the facts about atman/soul presented by Lord Krishna in Bhagawat-Gita. The Lord/Brahman/Nirankar born as a natural human being on earth gets accepted as a divine being who speaks with cosmic consciousness to inspire humanity to realise self abiding in all, beyond even duality, as per oldest tradition of Vedanta. Such divine beings of innate wisdom also appear to be messengers of Almighty, believed to be the Supreme Overlord of entire creation in most religions. Thus a number of divinely wise men took birth in or around 6th centurty BC to show man the way back to Godhead. Buddha and Mahavir were born in India, Pythagoras in Greece, Zoroaster in Unan/Iran, Confucius in China, Gurdjief in Russia, Druids in England, Miester Eckhart in Germany to name some, were born nearly at the same time, which was no ordinary happening.

All faiths and religions of the world are good but they have new approach towards formless God/Nirankar. Their founders achieved oneness with God/Nirankar in a single lifetime because of the "intense feeling" they had for God, and because of the uniqueness of their approach; but most of the followers do not get the result in one lifetime because they have neither that "intense feeling" nor the uniqueness in their approach. People keep following the laid rules and travel with the speed of a "bullock cart," enjoying the comforts of the ashram due to excess of money coming from donations and other sources; but they do not find God i n the whole lifetime. The guru and administrators of the ashram enjoy their bread and butter in the easy way and lead a luxurious life. The guru himself has not found God, how he can guide others. A blind man cannot guide another blind man.


Since the very advent of early man on earth, conscious man struggling with natural instinct of survival encountered 'death' and became inquisitive about the creator of the cosmos, and source of all including himself, which came to be named 'God' eventually. So arose faiths and religions. In this ongoing quest of man we have come to recent times. Great psychologists like Sir Carl Jung and saints like Augustine said that every dying patient desired to have a religious outlook on life. We have travelled further and started seeing this simply and more clearly. In this context, Sri Gulati of Nirankari Mission in his cherished work "Know God at Hand" made the whole matter go home easily to any aspirant. According to Michael E. Tymn of Academy of Religion and Psychical Research, U.S.A., "It is psychologically beneficial to have death as a goal towards which to strive" as concluded by Jung. Saint Augustine said, "Thou has made us for Thyself, and our souls are restless until they rest in Thee my God". As death approaches one turns towards religion and God, which is after living and experiencing the whole life. Hence death and God are two major issues of life, which concern almost every one.

Dr. Ravindra Kumar in his book "The Inner Blast" has answered these two concerns at length. Firstly about God the Western thinking has been to find Him outside the physical body under the influence of Greek philosophy and Hebraic experience : Judaism, Christianity and Islam. That is why objective possession of the material world was aimed at by Alexander the Great, Roman Emperors, Hitler, Napoleon, Halaku and Genghis Khan. They objectified spirit and God to be found outside human body. East, especially India on the other hand has been believing and attempting to find spirit and God inside the human body. This concern has been dealt with in detail by Dr. Kumar who exemplifies it through a variety of real life personal experiences. He shows that as death seems to be imminent some kind of incubation takes place within and it results in "the inner blast". Thereafter the presence of God is felt in one way or the other, the fear of death is gone and one feels like a permanent being with inner happiness and bliss.


It is observed that the humanity is divided in three kinds of people; first are those who believe in God as a Conscious Super Power without name, form and attributes, who has created the world for a final purpose; second is the category of persons who believe in some faith or religion from the beginning and are framed in a specific category with their own rituals; third is the kind of people who do not believe in any God or "super power" and they believe the world is formed of its own and they live in "life-tight-compartments, " that is, there is nothing either before or after this life. The Truth however should be one for which mankind is researching from time immemorial. Having gone through most of the scriptures from various faiths and traditions and having lived with people in various countries for about 35 years as a visiting professor I have endeavored the present book. I have been seriously involved with yoga and meditation and I got my "inner divine experiences" in 1987. Depending on various well-known examples from different parts of the world including my own it is concluded that the first category is correct and the facts are presented for people with "open mind." Practical method to know God and become one with Him is presented.

The body remains inactive without soul; it acts as long as the soul is inside it, and falls dead on departure of the soul from it. The subject that deals with the "study of soul" is called "adhyatma" in Sanskrit. The seekers have found that the size of the soul is about one-by-ten thousandth part of the tip of hair. It is witnessed at the end of successful yogic discipline and meditation or through the grace of the Guru. Soul as dimensionless and attribute-less entity is one with super-soul or Brahman. Just as snow-fall at a hill station cannot be experienced by one in a far off plane city, however nice the description may be, even so the "soul" is really believed and experienced when one witnesses it in one way or the other. It is then one exclaims, "Ik to hi Nirankar" or "You alone exist Formless One." One is now free from the clutches of "repeated birth and death" and finds abode on a spiritual planet or "vaikunth" after dropping this body.

The whole universe is a living world and not a dead one as some people may think. On realizing the Self say by the grace of the Guru or by way of yoga and meditation, one knows that he/she is immortal; the fear of death is gone forever and one lives a full life for the first time.

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