Secrets of Wellness: Staying Healthy With Natural Hygiene

Secrets of Wellness: Staying Healthy With Natural Hygiene

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Book Specification

Item Code: IDF084
Author: Acharya S. Swaminathan
Publisher: Wisdom Tree Publications
Language: English
Edition: 2009
ISBN: 8183280080
Pages: 116
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.2" X 5.2"

Book Description

From the Back of the Book :

Secrets of Wellness gives a radical insight into the causes of disease and the means by which one can regain and retain optimum health levels. As the author says, 'Old-age is inevitable; disease is not'. Following the principles of natural hygiene, it is possible to practically live a disease-free life.

About the Author :

Having helped thousands to recover from chronic and destructive diseases through natural hygiene, Acharya S. Swaminathan has recently inspired the formation of Ideal Health Foundation, a Trust, to help reach out people many times more. At 85 years, he continues to write prolifically to show the ailing humanity the sure-shot and "only way" to real health.


Preface ix
1. Health Maxims 1
2. Unity of Disease 16
3. Unity of Health and Disease 22
4. Unity of Food and Medicine 26
5. Unity of Cause 31
6. Unity of Treatment 36
7. Law of Cause and Effect 43
8. Principle of Non-violence 48
9. Vital Economy 58
10. What is Prana? 69
11. Successful Piloting of One's Life 80
12. Facing Prarabdha sans Misery 86
13. Total Approach 96

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