Secular Architectural Landscape of Vijayanagara Period

Secular Architectural Landscape of Vijayanagara Period

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Item Code: AZF370
Author: Priya Thakur
Publisher: Kaveri Books
Language: ENGLISH
Edition: 2019
ISBN: 9788174792303
Pages: 154
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Book Description

About the Author

Dr. Priya Thakur is Assistant Professor in the Department of Studies and Research in History and Archaeology, Tumkur University, Tumkur, Karnataka since 2010. She did her Masters in Ancient Indian History, Culture and Archaeology from DDU Gorakhpur University in 2002 and obtained her PhD from University of Mysore in 2009.


The Vijayanagara rulers might not have created the new order of things, but were, surely, its carriers and its catalysts. Many others in addition to the Vijayanagara rulers participated in the amply creative period. Out of the social and religious crisis of the 14 century a new order was established with a revived orthodoxy and a powerful socio-cultural landscape as well as with an extensive development of urban centers.

This book is based on descriptive and analytical study based on the evidence of primary and secondary sources. Further, literary data has been examined in light of the archaeological data collected from fieldwork. Extensive fieldworks were undertaken at frequent intervals to procure information and to collect records of architectural structures for study and analysis within the various sites under the Vijayanagara capital. The details given are set within the framework of archaeological data and field survey. Information was also collected from the interviews as well as personal communication with archaeologist and scholars who were involved with the archaeological and literary activities related with the Vijayanagara site from a long time.

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