The Seeker's Path (Being An Interpretation of Guru Nanak's Japji)

The Seeker's Path (Being An Interpretation of Guru Nanak's Japji)

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Book Specification

Item Code: IDI900
Author: Sohan Singh, Introduction by Sulakhan Singh Dhillon
Publisher: Orient Longman Pvt. Ltd.
Edition: 2004
ISBN: 8125027378
Pages: 86
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.3" X 5.3"
Weight 160 gm

Book Description

Back Of The Book

This book offers an interpretation of the Japji which is universally accepted at the heart and soul of the Sikh scriptures. It gives the theme of the Japji as Guru Nanak's description of the path of the Seeker after the Divine. The viewpoint of the author, Sohan Singh, illuminates passages which have hitherto defied a convincing interpretation. The book carries a Roman transliteration of the thirty-eight principal stanzas of the Japji text followed by a line by line explanation in English of each stanza.

Now in its second edition, The Seeker's Path comes with a new introduction by the philosopher Dr. Sulakhan Singh Dhillon; who places the Japji in the realm of Indian philosophy.

Introduction to Second Edition vii
Introduction to First Edition xxviii
A Note on the Roman Translation xxxv
Prologue xxxvii
Japji 1
Jap(u) 5
Index 84

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