Selected Hindi Short Stories (In Translation)

Selected Hindi Short Stories (In Translation)

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Item Code: AZG189
Author: Babli Moitra Saraf
Language: ENGLISH
Edition: 2019
ISBN: 9789389467291
Pages: 216
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Book Description

About the Book
Selected Hindi Short Stories: This anthology translations was developed the Translation Workshop organized Sahitya Akademi in collaboration with Translation and Translation Centre Indraprastha College for Women, A collaborative effort faculty students, stories reflect range concerns beset the milieu which writers depicting human condition enmeshed structures local contexts caste, religion, family course, gender. The stories visiting inescapable gendered spaces our existence, describe the lives and aspirations the modern nuanced ways, departing often from the monochromatic depiction of the subordinated spaces inhabited women, their social biological roles and mother. the stories here, overwhelming number of single women widowed, abandoned, rejected, as resurrected and reinvented. These re-castings, with their sexually exploitative society.

About the Author
Babli Moitra Saraf (b.1957) the Principal Indraprastha for Women, University Delhi an Associate Professor its and Head the Department Multi Media and Communication. Fluent several Indian foreign languages, has translated the Bengali activist novelist Mahasweta Devi's works in collaboration with Maria Federica Oddera. She with Shormishtha Panja Performing Shakespeare India: Exploring Indianness, Literatures and Cultures. Her latest publication is Tun-Tun Tara-Tara, Hindi adaptations of popular English. She is on editorial board of Translation: transdisciplinary (Rome), and on editorial board of Saar (New Delhi). She member on Scientific Board of In Other Words: Project Book Series Translations from and North Africa.

This volume of English translations of Hindi short stories is the outcome of a translation project granted by the Sahitya Akademi to Indraprastha College for Women, University of Delhi. Needless to say, in the effort and task to bring the Hindi story to the category of readers of English, the latter were an ever present entity. The Akademi left the choice of stories to the College, on the condition that all stories selected should be authorized for translation by the holder of the copyright. For the project coordinators, the general principle has been to select authors whose works have not been translated, or those untranslated works which are critically acclaimed as significant contributions to modern and contemporary developments in Hindi literature. In itself this is a daunting task and as is inevitable, comes with a certain amount of subjectivity in the selection. Largely, the selection of stories to be translated has depended on the authorial permission and in a few cases, authorial preference. Many who have contributed extensively to the world of the Hindi short story have had to be excluded because of the limit on the number of stories. The constraints are many and no selection can claim that fifteen stories can capture decades of immense creativity and engagement of writers of the Hindi short story. This work is a presentation made in all humility, and in full awareness of its limitations The Independence of India has served only as a convenient and available cut-off date to begin the process of selection. Even so, it has been a complex task to plot the grid of the Hindi short story.

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