Sikh Religion Karma and Transmigration (An Old and Rare Book)

Sikh Religion Karma and Transmigration (An Old and Rare Book)

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Item Code: UAN038
Author: Harnam Singh
Publisher: Lahore Book Shop, Ludhiana
Language: English
Pages: 174
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Ever since man came to possess ability to think, and it may be, that he was endowed with this faculty from the very start, he has been trying to find answers to such questions as 'who created this world ? What was the object of its creation? What is man's objects in this life? What is the difference between wrong and right? etc. etc. In India most of the time of the ancient philosophers, was spent in finding satisfactory answers to the above questions and a host of other questions that suggested themselves to the human mind and were cognate to the above. In course of time, question relating to Man's purpose in life and the duties that he owed to the Creator of the world, or in the of those who did not put any faith in the existence of a Supreme Being, the duty that man owed to his fellow-beings, assumed all importance and the answers to these questions laid the foundation of man's 'Dharma' or religion. As was natural with the lapse of time, all sorts of theories came to be propounded and there emerged different religions. For those who believed in the existence of God, search for union with Him became the primary object of human life and earnest efforts were made by them to a train this object, but along with this, men of the world followed the practices and methods laid down by religious leaders as essential for attaining the true object, not so much for their own sake and for the result that they were intended to produce but with a view to acquiring merit in the eyes of other men. As materialism increased and man came hanker after the worldly things, religion lost its true meaning and a large majority of people. indulged in religious practices in order to be able to appear to be religious minded so that they might pass on as respectable and reliable persons and their opportunities for acquisition of worldly wealth might increase.

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