सिनगार- Sinagara (Adornment of Supreme Lord)

सिनगार- Sinagara (Adornment of Supreme Lord)

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Item Code: AZE276
Author: Mahamati Prannath
Publisher: Shri Prannath Mission, Delhi
Edition: 2017
ISBN: 9789382904281
Pages: 586
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Book Description


Mahamati Prannath (1618-94) was a mystic to his deepest core and in the state of trance (Samaadhi) the poetic verses of spiritual knowledge poured forth from his utterances. These were noted down by the companions around and finally were compiled in 14 books of Kuljam Sarup. It is really a wonder how he could provide such a description of the form of the Supreme Lord and the Abode. The detailed account of the minute features is possible only by the grace of some divine power as humanly these are beyond one's imagination. Mahamati says that he could describe the effulgent meta- form of the Supreme in the language of this perishable world with His will and grace only.
Mere sab angon hak hukam, binaa hukam jaraa naanheen,
Soi hukam hak mein, ham basein aras ke taaheen.
How powerful is the command of the Lord that made me extend my faculties into His vast mystery. On getting engrossed in the eternal Abode I have been led by His will to blissful ecstasy.
In the Abode the form consists of celestial divine light and is not like the human body made of five elements. He is portrayed as a perfect lover like the adolescent Krishna with twelve thousand souls as His consorts. The soul revels there in eternal joys in variety of sports with Him having the subtle relationship of devoted wife and her loving husband. The unwavering love and complete surrendering provides feelings of ecstasy as she merges herself in the Lord. She is inseparable from Him and is always present near His blessed feet. From here she admires the other parts of His divine form and becomes one with Him. This stage of the soul leads to narration of the embellishments of each body parts of the Supreme Lord.


Sinagaar is the eleventh book of Kuljam Sarup, the grantha containing the verses of Mahamati Prannath. The dictionary meaning of Sinagaar is adornment, the dress and ornaments worn on the body are also among the various features forming its parts. Mahamati Prannath has described the divine form and embellishment of the Supreme Lord in simple and clear terms. This book descended upon Mahamati during the period 1740-48 (VS) while he was staying at Panna in Bundelkhand. It starts with an invocation, awakening of souls due to their relation with Him. subsequently giving an account of the blessed feet of the Lord. The details of His charming feet and their tenderness, nails, soles of the feet and grooves therein have been very explicitly explained. His other body parts, namely-chest, hands, throat, face, ears, eyes, nose, tongue, and then clothes and ornaments are articulated with all necessary minute details in a very appealing and lovely language. The beauty of His crown has been explained in 229 verses, the longest descriptive section of the entire book. Once again the mutual interaction of the supreme souls and the perishable world is discussed. The duties of the souls, their worship, supreme knowledge and devotion, ritualism, reality, salvation and love, the discussion in the Abode-all these topics are given in depth explanation in this book. The way of living of the Lord and souls in the Abode and their mutual intimacy are narrated in a very transparent manner. Description of the form of the Supreme Lord, from top to toe, is really a mammoth piece of information based on spiritual knowledge which Mahamati has done in very pleasing and understandable language using appropriate dialect combined nicely in the form of verses.
Sinagaar comprises of 29 sections and 2211 verses, in Hindi language. So far such a detailed description of the form of the Lord has not been given any literature. The speciality of Mahamati's verses is that a very vivid and fine description with great perfection is disseminated.

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