Six Long Poems from Sangam Tamil (An Old and Rare Book)

Six Long Poems from Sangam Tamil (An Old and Rare Book)

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Book Specification

Item Code: AZG746
Author: N. Raghunathan
Publisher: International Institute of Tamil Studies, Chennai
Language: ENGLISH
Edition: 1997
Pages: 124
Other Details 8.50x5.50 inch
Weight 160 gm

Book Description

The oldest extant literary work in Tamil, according a view that has long been prevalent, Tolkappiyam, treatise on Grammar and Poetics. is supposed have com posed during the second Sangam; whereas the earliest Tamil poetry now available, generally known as Sangam Poetry, is said to have been produced during period of the third Sangam. Sangam', which may translate Academy", was an institution or, rather, three institutions succession, of which the first two, according tradition, belong history. All of them were located the capital the Pandyan pre Kingdom. That capital was shifted from to time; old Madurai, the headquarters the first Sangam, Kapata puram, that of the second, were washed away the sea during successive deluges, and the third Sangam located modern Madurai. The Sangam was voluntary organization poets who came together, under the patronage the Pandyan Kings, who were great lovers literature the fine arts, to discharge functions as-to give modern analogy-those have been the chief concern the French Academy Europe, is, maintenance the language literary standards. by co-option, later means contrivance by Lord Who was the permanent President august body; was a sort round table, which would give sitting only to an authentic poet.

notably have questioned the correctness of these traditional accounts.

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