Sri Krsna- The Lord of love

Sri Krsna- The Lord of love

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Item Code: UAO138
Author: Swami Baba Premananda Bharati
Publisher: Bharatiya Kala Prakashan
Language: English
Edition: 2007
ISBN: 9788180901638
Pages: 320
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Book Description

This book gives an account of the Creation in so many ways such as the science of Creation, steps of Creation, Cyclic Motion of Changes, etc. Also, it talks about different ages (Yugas), i.e. the Golden Age, the Silver Age, the Copper Age and the Iron Age. The different cycles, Karma, Bhakti Yoga are also given in detail.

In addition, the exploits and miracles of Krsna with his life in Vrndāvana also find sufficient place in the book.

The way the book has been written makes readable.

I beg to present this my humble work to the English reader. It is the history of the Universe from its birth to its dissolution. I have explained the science of creation, its making and its mechanism. In doing so I have drawn my information from the recorded facts in the Sacred Books of the Root-Race of mankind. Some facts and explanations are herein furnished for the first time in any modern language. This book embodies true Hinduism.

If read with an open mind, it will serve the reader with illumination and solve many a riddle of life, untie many a tangle of thought. I have spoken throughout from out of the depths of the ages. I have thought absolutely in Sanskrit and expressed myself in English, an imperfect medium for expressing Sanskrit, ideas. My object has been to impress my readers with the substance of Hindu thought in all its purity. This has not been done before even by Hindu writers on Hindu religion and philosophy. They have cared to humor the Western readers, by putting in a mixture of Western thought and dressing it up in Western ways of expression. I have not done so, because I know that in reading an Eastern book the Western mind wants purely Eastern thought in pure Eastern dress.

This will afford all soul-hungry readers with enough healthy food and drink. The first part of the book contains the food, the Kernel of the Soul-cocoanut; the second part, its Sweet Milk. The third part is from Krsna Himself. It is the purest Nectar of Spiritual Love. Let the reader open his heart to it, and I am sure it will fill it with ecstasy. The soulful reader will thrill with the joyous vibrations of every sentence of the "Messages and Revelations.

The belief that our life begins with the birth of this physical body and ends with its death is the worst supe rstition, because it is the worst obstacle in the way of our soul's unfoldment. This life has sprung from Eternity; it draws its breath in Eternity, and is finally absorbed by Eternity which is Absolute Love. To know that we, human beings, were never blessed with greater powers than we possess in this age is the saddest of mistakes. To believe that we were once as great and powerful as divine beings and that we can recover that greatness and those powers, is to believe in the actual potentialities of the human mind. This life can be made one long ecstatic song; this life can, if we take the trouble to make it, be made the source of joy to ourselves as well as to all around us forever and ever; it can even attain to the Essence of Godhood, from which it has sprung, by developing uninterrupted God-Consciousness.

We all are idolators. Some of us worship idols of Divinity, others worship idols of Matter. Some of us worship the Spirit through suggestive signs and symbols, others worship Flesh, mere forms of animated flesh. Since our mind wants idols. for worship, just as our body wants food for sustenance, let us all worship idols of Spirit in Form. Through its concrete Form-Centre we can enter into the Abstract Spirit of Love Love which is our one object and goal in life. This Love is Krsna and the universe and we, its parts, are the materialized manifestation of that Love.

Beloved! I wish to call you "my beloved," whoever you are who have taken up this my love-message to read, for you are the beloved of my Beloved-Krsna. I may not know you, nor you me, and yet we have been together times without number; yet we have loved each other with the truest, the purest, the sweetest love again and again, when we lived in Love, when we had our being in the Ocean of Love, when we were awake in the consciousness of the One Essence which ever pervades us all-Love.

Beloved! That state, that realm, in which we lived and knew and loved each other, we have forgotten, and this forgetfulness is the cause of our separateness, our non recognition, our want of sympathy, our troubles and quarrels. Going into the depth of Silence-Silence within and without us-I have discovered its Secret which is also the Secret of our forgotten Love-Existence. And this my message to you is the revelation of that mystery which our-strayed soul is trying to solve through every effort of the life we are living now.

Beloved! I humbly lay before you this, message to read to help you to recognize your true self, to help you to find your true goal in this life's race. This message is a magic mirror in which, maybe, you will catch the reflection of your soul's All-Beautiful Image.

You are now engaged, my beloved, in reading this message with the, same object for which every one of us is ow engaged in doing various things. It is life's one just now common object for us all-Pleasure. That is the one all absorbing quest of humanity, nay, of all living creatures, of all creation. We are ever striving, all of us, every minute, to find that one blessing which ever eludes our grasp, ever misses our ken, ever deludes us like the will-o' the-wisp the one object of our desire, of predominant, spontaneous; practical, natural interest-Unmixed, Unbroken Happiness.

Not only is this quest for happiness ever present within mankind, but also in lower animals, and even in every phase of Nature, more or less pronounced or discernible. Every manifestation of Nature, man or beast, bird or tree or plant, is ever endeavoring to adjust a state of internal disorder and disturbance-I mean ever endeavoring to bring about a sense or instinct of that harmonious equilibrium, which we call Full Satisfaction, Complete Contentment, Absolute Happiness.

Now the question may be asked: Why is this universal quest for happiness? How is it that every man or woman or child is every minute seeking some sort of happiness or other? The Hindu sages have answered this question to the satisfaction of all intelligent human beings. Why is this eternal search for happiness?

That answer is: Because the whole universe, of which we are parts, has come out of that Eternal Abode of Happiness, called Bliss, where it had dwelt before creation, like a tree in a seed, and the memory of which dwells still in the inner consciousness of all created beings, though it has dropped out of their outer consciousness.

That abode of happiness is called the Abode of Absolute Love; the Hindu calls it Krsna. The word Krsna, in Sanskrit, comes from the root "karsha"-to draw. Krsna means that which draws us to Itself; and what in the world draws us all more powerfully than Love? It is the "gravitation" of the modern scientist. It is the one source and substance of all magnetism, of all attraction; and when that love is absolutely pure, its power to draw is absolute, too.

In seeking even material pleasure or happiness through life we are ever seeking this Absolute Bliss, only most of us do not know it. The man who devotes his heart and soul to acquiring wealth is, in fact, but striving to attain this blissful state. For what does the would-be millionaire work to make the million but to secure pleasure, the pleasure of good eating, good drinking, good living, good enjoyment-to be happy? He makes the million; but the happiness which he secures, by securing the means of pleasure and by enjoying the pleasures themselves, is not complete. He still feels some void in that happiness, something still in those pleasures to make him fully happy. He therefore piles up more millions, he plunges into newer pleasures, he leaves no stone unturned to find the material objects which will add to his pleasure; and when he has secured all these objects and enjoyed them, he finds himself exactly at the same place where he was before-there is something still wanting to make him completely happy. Finding no newer objects which are likely to add to his happiness, he occupies himself by enjoying what he has already enjoyed over and over again; that is to say, he goes over again the same round of pleasures to delude himself into the belief that that is the best happiness allowed to mortal man.

But the delusion is temporary and far from complete. The longing, the search for something still wanting, is present all through that delusion-something unknown, but which he thinks he might know and recognize, if he once found it. But, alas, he does not!

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