Sri Vidyasagaram (Set of 2 Volumes)

Sri Vidyasagaram (Set of 2 Volumes)

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Book Specification

Item Code: NAI329
Author: Atmananda Natha
Publisher: Sri Vidya Temple Society
Language: English
Edition: 2014
Pages: 561
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 10.5 inch X 8.5 inch
Weight 1.20 kg

Book Description



With Devi’s grace, the compilation “Sri Vidyasagaram” is being released in English. It has three divisions. The first one covers the various nyasa procedures. The second one has three mala mantras and the third division gives the mantras for pujas in the amnayas. All the three can be used by pancadasi / shodasi upasakas.

Nyasam-Sri Vidya upasana has integrated the rituals to be done physically and mentally. One of these is bhavana, a mental practice. Initial practices, which are mental in nature are Japa and pooja, which later will mature into bhavana. One of the essential rituals to acquire this bhavana is nyasa. Nyasa means to “place”. “To Place” the divine energy in the form of matrka or mantra aksharas on certain specific parts of the physical body is recommended. Although it appears that these are parts of the aspirant’s physical body, they indeed represent the subtle body which is being tuned by the placement of these mantra aksharas. Hence we can infer that the subtle (sukshma) body will become mantra maya or attain a devata maya. Earlier the gross body in bhuta shuddi was made divine; now the subtle body is made so and identified with the devata through mantra aksharas. We can see the removal of mayika mala, the notion of duality by the vidya tatvas, by which our own subtle body becomes the mantra maya swarupa of the adored deity.

Bhagavan Parasurama has, in his kalpa sutra referred to nyasas as “vajra kavacam”. Nyasas are capable of bestowing the benefit derived by wearing an armour made of diamond. Since diamond is a hard substance, an armour made of diamond helps one in facing serious problems and protects the physical body.

Sri Bhaskararaya in his “Bahya Varivasya Prakasa” has mentioned that upasakas who are unable to do the nyasas during their daily puja timings, can perform these at night time also. Therefore it is implied that the nyasas have to be done every day. Further, Kaula gita, while defining the greatness of a upasaka, describes an upasaka as one who does “aseeti nyasa” (80 nyasas), which indicates the importance and significance of these nyasas.

Mala Mantra-Three types of mala mantra have been included in this book. Each one is made up of a thousand letters (sahasraksharam). They have been taken from the text “Vidyarnavam”. The mala mantra “sahasrakshari vidya” is given in “Lalitopakhyanam” as well. This is a varied version of the Khadgamala commonly chanted every day.

Amnaya-Amnayam means a path or way. During mandira puja we percerve the four entrances in the four directions to the Sri cakra to be in this form. All the mantras have been distributed in six amnayas in Sri vidya. Amnayam may also be taken to mean “vedas”, either as the veda such as rig or as the collection of mantras in it. It is appropriate to consider that the first four amnayas represent the four vedas, the fifth amnayam the upanishats and the sixth amnayam the experiences accrued from the upanishats, In each amnayam there are mantras pertaining to guru mandalas and devatas. The pancadasi upasakas can perform their pujas in the first four amnayas; .The other two amnayas are spread in the bindu and all around the entire Sri cakra. Only Shodasi upasakas have the authority to perform pujas in these two amnayas. We offer our grateful prayers to Sri Rajarajeswari for bestowing Her grace and enabling the compilation and release of this malar during Navaratri.


Sri Rajarajeswari Peetam has great pleasure in releasing as its 38th Navaratri malar, “Sri Vidyasagaram” in English for the benefit of its devotees.

This book covers important set of topics and there has been growing interest in an English edition. There are three significant areas of Sri vidya in this compilation, (1) the nyasas to be done by the upasakas, (2) the mala mantras and (3) the mantras in the amnayas which will enable the upasakas to do detailed pujas.

We are grateful as always to Sri Atmananda natha, who has been rendering great service to upasakas by his guidance. We thank Guruguhamba and Kriyananda for their contribution in the preparation of this malar, and Smt. Geetha Karthikeyan for her help in the transliteration. Devi’s blessings and our gratitude are due to Smt.Jyothi and Sri Sunil for their excellent job in type setting and to Sri Lakshminarayanan of Maruthi Graphics for his continued help in getting the malar printed in a short time.



Sri Vidyasagaram - 2 in Tamil was released in September 2012 as the 37th Navaratri malar of the Rajarajeswari peetam. It is now being brought out in English for the benefit of the devotees. Sri Vidyasagaram - 2 deals with the caturayatana puja, which is performed as part of the Navavarana puja. The significance and necessity of performing the caturayatana puja have been described in "Sri Vidya Saparya Vasana" written by Sri Cidananda Natha. In Caturayatana Puja, Ganesa, Surya, Visnu and Siva are worshipped in the South-West, North-West, North-East and South-East directions around the Sri cakra, as could be seen from "Nairrute ea Ganesanam Suryam Vayavya eva ca | Isane Visnumagneya Sivancaiva pujayet"

The Puja Vidhanam, astottara sata, sahasra and trisati namavaLis, Kavacam, Stotras, verses in Tamil and mantra tatvarthas have been included in order to enable Sri Vidya upasakas to perform detailed pujas on special days such as, on Vinayaka caturthi to Ganesa; Sankranti (pongal) to Surya; Rama Navami, Krishnashtami, Vaikuntha Ekadasi to Vishnu; and Sivaratri, Arudra days to Siva. It is our great fortune that Sri Atmananda Natha has compiled the details required, to whom we are ever grateful. We wish to thank Smt. Guruguhamba, Sri Kriyananda for their continued help and to Smt. Geetha Karthikeyan and Sri P .S. Karthikeyan for their enthusiastic support in the preparation of the book.

As usual Smt. Lalitha Rammoorthy (Impress Associates) has done a commendable job in type-setting with utmost care. Needless to say that Sri Lakshminarayanan of Maruthi Graphics has to be thanked for his extreme co-operation in getting the book printed in a short time.



Introduction vii
Preface viii
1. Matrka Nyasah 1
2. Samhara Nyasah 5
3. Srsti Nyasah 7
4. Sthiti Nyasah 9
5. Dasavida Matrka Nyasah 11
6. Kesavadi Nyasah 39
7. Tripura Nyasah 42
8. Kama Rati Nyasah 44
9. Mula mantra Nyasah 46
10. Kara suddhi Nyasah 47
11. Atma Raksa Nyasah 47
12. Bala sadanga Nyasah 47
13. Caturasana Nyasah 48
14. Sadasana Nyasah 48
15 Navasana Nyasah 48
16. Bala yoga sadanga Nyasah 49
17. Sadanga Yuvati Nyasah 49
18. Vagdevata Nyasah 49
19. Bahir Navayoni Nyasah 50
20. Srnkhala Nyasah 51
21. Catus pitha Nyasah 52
22. Nava yogini Nyasah 52
23. Kamesvaryadi Nyasah 53
24. Tatvadi Devata Nyasah 54
25. Tatva Nyasah 54
26. Datta Samhitayam Pancadasi Nyasah 55
27. Vajra panjara Nyasah 58
28. Mula Vidya Nyasah 60
29. Ayudha Nyasah 61
30. Kamakala Nyasah 61
31. Laghu Sodha Nyasah 62
32. Sri Cakra Nyasah 75
33. Yoga Pitha Nyasah 96
1. Malini Nyasah l04
2. Sri Maha Sodasaksari Nyasah 107
3. Apara saubhagya Nyasah 110
4. Mukha kara Nyasah 111
5. Mukha pada Nyasah 111
6. Vaktra Nyasah 112
7. Maha saubhagya Nyasah 113
8. Astatrimsat sivakala Nyasah 113
9. Sambhavi kala Nyasah 118
10. Sattrimsat Tatva Nyasah 119
11. Sakti kala Nyasah 122
12. Sivasakti kala Nyasah 124
13. Maha sodha Nyasah 127
14. Astastaka Nyasah 140
15. Mahasakti Nyasah 146
1. Prastara Sahasraksari. 161
2. Upasthana Sahasraksari. 163
3. Sri Sahasraksara Vidya 165
1. Amnaya Prakaranam 168

1. Introduction viii
1. Sri Ganesa Puja Vidhanam
Rsyadi nyasah 1
Kara Sadanga nyasah 1
Ganesa Matrka Nyasah 2
Pitha Puja 4
Pitha Saktih 6
Sodasopacara Puja 7
Avarana Puja
Anujna 10
Sadanga Puja 10
Guru Mandalam 10
Prathamavaranam 13
Dvitiyavaranam 13
Trtiyavaranam 14
Turiyavaranam 15
Pancamavaranam 16
Uttaranga Puja 17
Sri Ganesa Astottara sata NamavaLih 19
Sri Vallabha Siddhalaksmyamba Astottara satam 21
Sri Maha Ganapati Sahasra NamavaLi 25
Sri Ganapati Mulamantra Trisati NamavaLi 42
Trailokya Mohana Ganesa Kavacam 47
Sri Ganesa Pancaratnam 49
Ganapatyatharva Sirsopanisat 50
Caturavrtti Ganapati Tarpanas 52
Sri Vinayagar Agaval 53
Tiruppugazh 56
Kandar Antadi 57
Tirumandiram Vinayagar Kappu 57
Inner Meaning of Maha Ganapati Mantra 58
(Sri-la-Sri Venkata Narasayya)
Sri Maha Ganapati Meditation (Initial) 61
K. Ramesh (Atmananda)
Sri Maha Ganapati Meditation (In Depth) 63
K. Ramesh (Atmananda)
Sri Ganesa in Lalitopakhyana 66
Maha Ganapati Upasana 69
Sri Amrtananda Yogi
2. Sri Surya Puja Vidhanam
Rsyadi Nyasah 75
Sri Surya Matrka Nyasah 76
Kara Sadanga Nyasah 78
Murti Nyasah 79
Aksara Nyasah 79
Pitha Puja 79
Pitha Saktih 81
Sodasopacara Puja 81
Avarana Puja
Guru Mandalam 83
Prathamavaranam 84
Dvitiyavaranam 85
Trtiyavaranam 85
Caturthavaranam 86
Pancamavaranam 86
Sasthavaranam 87
Uttaranga Puja 88
Surya Astottarasata NamavaLih 90
Aditya Hrdaya Surya Astottara sata NamavaLih 92
Sri Gayatri Astottara sata NamavaLih 94
Surya Graha Sahasra NamavaLih 96
Sri Surya Kavacam - 1 127
Surya Namaskaram 128
Sri Surya Kavacam - 2 132
Suryastakam 136
Aditya Hrdayam 137
Surya Darsanam 140
Nayiru - Surya Stuti 140
Suriyanar Koyil Arutpugazh 142
3. Sri Visnu Puja Vidhanam
Rsyadi Nyasah 147
Kara sadanga nyasah 147
Kesavadi Matrka Nyasah 149
Visnu Dasavidha Nyasah 153
Pitha Puja 154
Pitha Saktih 154
Sodasopacara Puja 155
Guru Mandalam 156
Avarana Puja
Sadanga Puja 157
Prathamavaranam 158
Dvitiyavaranam 158
Trtiyavaranam 159
Caturthavaranam 159
Pancamavaranam 160
Sasthavaranam 160
Saptamavaranam 161
Astamavaranam 162
Uttaranga Puja 163
Sri Visnu Astottara Sata NamavaLih 165
Laksmi Astortara Sata NamavaLih 169
Sri Visnu Sahasra NamavaLih 171
Sri Mahavisnu Trisat NamavaLih 188
N arayana Kavacam 194
Narayana Upanisat 198
Visnu Satanama Stotram 199
Madhurastakam 200
Visnu Padadi Kesarrta Vamana Stotram 201
Bala Mukundastakam 207
Tiruppavai 208
Nalayira Divya Prabandham 215
Tiruppallandu 216
Narayana Pancasati 218
Narayana Mantra Tatvartha 235
Sacred Abodes of Sri Mahavisnu 240
4. Siva Puja Vidhanam
Rsyadi Nyasah 241
Karasadanga Nyasah 241
Siva Sakti Kala Nyasah 242
Sivasya Dasa Vidha Nyasah 245
Pitha Puja 246
Pitha Saktih 247
Sodasopacara Puja 248
Avarana Puja
Sadanga Puja 249
Guru Mandalam 251
Prathamavaranam 252
Dvitiyavaranam 253
Trtiyavaranam 254
Caturthavaranam 254
Pancamavaranam 255
Sasthavaranam 255
Uttaranga Puja 256
Sivastottara sata NamavaLih 258
Sn Lingastottara sata NamavaLih 260
Siva Pancaksari Astottara sata NamavaLih 262
Gauri Astottara sata NamavaLih 266
Sivastottara Sahasra NamavaLih 268
Sri Rudra Nama Trisati 282
Lingastakam 287
Siva Pancaksara Stotram 288
Siva Padadi Kesanta Vamana Stotram 289
Siva Kesadi Padanta Vamana Stotram 294
Siva Kavacam 297
Indraksi Stotram 303
Panniru Tirumurai
Tirujnanasambandar Tevaram 307
Tirunavukkarasu Swamigal, Tevaram 307
Sundaramurti SwamigaL (Tiruttondattogai) 309
Siva Puranam 312
Tiruvempavai 315
Tiruvisaippa 319
Tirumandiram 320
Arpudat Tiruvantadi 320
Periya Puranam 320
Pancaksara Rahasiyam 321
Sivatatva Virmarsini 326
The Temples of Lord Siva 328
1. Sri Hrimkara Trisati NamavaLih 329
2. Rasmimala Stotram 339
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