Sun Signs and Palmistry (Astro-Palmistry Based on Sun Signs)

Sun Signs and Palmistry (Astro-Palmistry Based on Sun Signs)

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Item Code: UAL955
Author: M. H. K. Shastri and Laxmi Kant Vashisth
Language: English
Edition: 2022
ISBN: 9788194922803
Pages: 275
Other Details 8.50 X 5.50 inch
Weight 550 gm

Book Description


Astrology and Palmistry are the two poles of all occult teachings and wisdom; whereas Palmistry is the positive pole, Astrology necessarily is the negative pole and vice versa. On this basis, no power or factor of repulsion or interruption can spoil or disturb their team work, mutual functioning, and cooperation. They are welded together by some mysterious soldering element which is beyond the human brain to probe. That is why any student of occultism who can fortify himself or herself with sufficient and adequate knowledge of both Palmistry and Astrology, will be in a strong position which will protect him or her from ignorance, illusion, deception, or criticism; he can also dispense with other methods of prediction such as the telling of fortunes with playing cards, cup-reading, crystal-gazing, etc.

Before going any further, it is necessary to invite the student's attention to the following fact:

"It is advisable for any student who is endowed with an acute or wandering imagination not to tackle or practice that object. In order to master any Science or Art, it should be studied and applied or practiced on a practical and sound basis; any science or art not supported by solid evidence or practiced on right, certified principles is not worthy of the name. For this reason the student of Palmistry is strongly warned against its most inexorable enemies, namely, guess work and imagination. Yielding to these two ghouls leads to falsehood and exaggeration and ends in disgusting results."

Perhaps it has been the privilege of the authors of this book to lack imagination; fiction, romance, and novels in any form do not appeal to them. Things for them are either real or not, with nothing in between. Obviously untrue or fallacious pursuits or studies do not deserve the waste of even one iota of energy or time, not even leisure time.

For the authors, it has been a very long and tedious track of study, observation, investigation and proper practice and a keen and hard work in order to assert and establish the truth and validity of this excellent Art.

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