Symbiosis of Science Spirituality (Generation of Innovation in Science for Human Survival)

Symbiosis of Science Spirituality (Generation of Innovation in Science for Human Survival)

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Item Code: UAN809
Author: Sampooran Singh and Kanwaljit Kaur
Publisher: Kalpaz Publications
Language: English
Edition: 2006
ISBN: 8178355094
Pages: 391
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About the Book
The neurophysiologists and neurosurgeons have presented irrefutable evidence-both experimental and theoretical that (a) "our minds and our brains are not at all the same". (b) "it is the mind which experiences and it is the brains which records that experience". and (c) the mind has no location in the brain.

Brain is objective and mind is subjective. The brain is degenerate with regard to mind. The mind constructs time-space-causation matrices at different quantum energy potentials of consciousness. The mind at the psychological frame of reference splits itself into subject and object resulting into subject-object duality, which leads to nervous tension, chemical pressure, pain, conflict. This is heading to self-annihilation.

Each higher stage is synergistic to its junior components so when objective field comes in the realm of the higher, the lower is knocked off. The lower stage going to abeyance is called quantum jump of the lower to its higher stage.

There are two modes of knowing-the intellect makes a quantum jump to intuition (insight). It is the insight which leads to mutation of the psyche. The mutation of the psyche leads to scientific mode of mind. There is no energy transfer between the subject of cognizance and the fact (objective truth). If "objective observing and understanding" is continued for a long chronological time, the fact also goes to abeyance. The objective science, makes a quantum jump to "subjective science", which have the dimensions of: [science-education-ethics health]. The subjective science is independent and synergistic to objective science and it deals with the Wholeness or Oneness of Life. The subjective science revels in non-violence and peace.

All floods, droughts, catastrophes, calamities, earthquakes, tsunamis are not due to nature's wrath against mankind, but are constructs of the conditioned mind-brain-body system or inheritance of man over uncountable aeons.

As long as there is inherent violence in the psyche, there can never be sustainable peace in the world. It is only holistic education that helps man to grow from knowledge to understanding, from confrontation to cooperation, from rationality to intuition, and from intellect to intelligence.

About the Authors
Sampooran Singh is M.Sc. in Technology from Forman Christian College, Lahore, in 1944; Doctor of Philosophy in 1954, and Doctor of Science in 1959.

When in DRDO, he worked in Defence Research Laboratory in UK for one and half years as first Indian there. He visited Defence Laboratories in France, Europe and USA.

He graduated from the National Defence College in 1970. He retired as Director from the Ministry of Defence in October 1980 after visiting Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Nepal and Sikkim.

Kanwaljit Kaur earned the degree of 'Master of Pharmacy in Pharmacology with distinction (University Medalist), and degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Pharmceutical Sciences). She is a life member of the Indian Pharmacological Society and Indian Pharmaceutical Association. She has to her credit 76 international research publications. She has presented her work extensively at international conferences in USA, France, Japan and Singapore.

Today, when humankind is poised at a crucial crossroad in its long and tortuous journey from the dawn of civilisation, scientists and philosophers the world over are agreed that the present paradigm of "objective science" is leading it headlong towards crass materialism apparently oblivious of its impact on the natural and spiritual worlds. The heedless pursuit of materialistic paradigm of scientific research and study will lead us ultimately to self-annihilation and the destruction of our planet. There is the need for the spiritual rebirth of humankind, a perception that the Parliament of World Religions also stressed during its centenary meeting in Chicago.

Junctures come in human history which come but rarely, when one age draws to a close and a new age begins - an age of transition, transformation, transmutation, mutation. Humanity in fact is simply, at the present moment, at the head of an evolutionary pyramid, but man is an unfinished creature, half way between the animal and the Divine [Life Field]. But now it is clear that humanity is poised for the most crucial and the most difficult transition it has ever sought to accomplish, and that is the transition to global consciousness, a transition to a new level of awareness and being.

Mankind is transiting into a global society. Politics have become global.

Economics has become global. Globalization is taking place as a result of science and technology and an example is the satellite technology (television with CNN), and the thrust of evolution. The globalization at the material level is happening at an accelerative pace, but global consciousness is not keeping pace with the globalization at the physical level. The events happening in the world are so fast that it is difficult to keep oneself abreast with the events and their underlying currents. We briefly discuss some of the events of 2005.

(a) The UNESCO has declared the year 2005 as the International Year of Physics. We investigate the theme of Albert Einstein's words as man-scientist philosopher.

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