Taj Mahal and It's Conservation

Taj Mahal and It's Conservation

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Item Code: UAJ634
Author: D. Dayalan
Language: English
Edition: 2009
ISBN: 8183900623
Pages: 191 (Color and B/w Illustrations)
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Book Description

About The Book

Taj Mahal, the marvel in marble is not only the greatest architectural achievement of the whole spectrum of Indo-Islamic architecture but also invariably ranked in the list of world's foremost wonders Each and every aspect of its design-be it spatial, architectonic, landscaping, surface embellishment- has been visualized carefully and executed meticulously. It stimulates emotions in just anyone due to its : evocative aesthetic appeal and grandeur. Not with standing a large number of tomes are written on Taj Mahal, there are only few works focused exclusively on the art and architectural aspects of this glorious edifice and practically much has not been written on the conservation aspects of Taj Mahal. This monograph is one among the very few works of scientific and critical analysis of the art and architectural feature of this wonderful creation. The main aim of the book is to present precise and com prehensive details of various aspects of Taj Mahal in its different spheres. The book examines in detail the evolution of each and every architectural elements, traditions and styles adopted here by the architects to originate a unique mausoleum. The history of conservation of Taj Mahal started within four years after the completion of this memory of love and faith. This monograph is the first and the latest systematic documentation of the conservation works carried out so far to Taj Mahal and also designed to divulge in the various scientific studies pertaining to the structural stability, nature of foundation, analysis of the building materials, verticality of the minarets, etc. In addition, this work also discuss in detail about the architects and other craftsmen and period of construction of this edifice. The conspectus of the annotated bibliography of Taj Mahal, legal status and profile of Shah Jahan and Mumtaz are some of the notable additions of the book. The present volume is replete with the relevant photographs, drawings and sketches.

About the Author

Dr. D. Dayalan presently holding the post of Superintending Archaeologist, in the Archaeological Survey of India, Agra Circle. Agra, obtained his Master's Degree with first rank from the University of Madras and Post graduate Diploma in Archaeology from School of Archaeology, New Delhi. He was awarded Doctorate degree in 1990 by Nagpur University, Nagpur.
Since his inception in the Archaeological Survey of India in 1984, he has actively participated in various explorations and. excavations. He discovered many number of new sites through his intensive explorations in various states like Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Madhya Pradesh and also participated in several excavations at Ramapuram, Vallam. Aurovalle, Darasuram, Arikamedu, Mamalla puram, Sanchi, Sathara, Kanaganahalli, Hampi. Dholavira, Ahichchhatra, etc.
Dr Dayalan is a accomplished scholar and author of four books namely: Early Temples of Tamil Nadu: Their Role in Socio-Economic Life (c. A.D. 550-925); Monolithic Temples of Madhya Pradesh, Kalpavrksa: Essays on Art Architecture and Archaeology and Computer Application in Indian Epigraphy (Pallava Period), 3 Vols, and also co-author of a f a book namely Buddhism among Tamils in Pre Colonial Tamilakam and llam, published by Uppsala University, Sweden. He has contributed several research papers in reputed journals on Archaeology. Epigraphy, Numismatics, Art and Architecture.
He was invited in 1993 to Sweden to deliver lectures in Uppsala University. In 2001 he has participated in the ACCU International Exchange Programme under the UNESCO/Japan Funds-in-Trust for the promotion of International Co-operation and studied the management system and conservation of various world heritage monuments in Japan. In 2006 he has visited various World Heritage Monuments/ Sites in France; Germany: U. K and China to study the conservation, tourist management and maintenance of those World Heritage Monuments/Sites, arranged by the World Heritage Centre, Paris.
He has widely travelled in India and abroad and participated in many national and inter national conferences. He was the key speaker in the Conferences held at Campache (Mexico) Rome, Moscow and Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam).

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