Tamil Civilization in Epigraphy

Tamil Civilization in Epigraphy

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Item Code: UAO061
Publisher: Bharatiya Kala Prakashan
Language: English
Edition: 2002
ISBN: 8186050787
Pages: 291
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About the Author

Dr. A. KRISHNAN, M.A., M.Ed.. Ph.D.. born in 1948 has made his presence felt in the field of epigraphy and literature by comparing the two primary sources. He had eight books to his credit. The first book Kalavettil Valviyal (1991) received the Tamil Nadu Government State Award and the second book Tamilar Panpattiyal (Vols 1992 and 1994) received the best book award of the Bharathi Tamil Sangam. Third book is Literature and epigraphy of Tamil Nadu. Fourth one is Tamil Culture. These awards stand as a testi mony for his involvement in this field. He has published many research arti cles in leading journals. He got distinc tion in his Telugu diploma from Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore: His multifaceted interest is reflected in his approach by the training at Centre for Cultural Resource Training. New Delhi.
He always strives for the advance ment of his knowledge for which he took active part in the training pro grammes of the Archaeological Survey of India and Tamil Nadu State Archaeo logy Department. He served as a chair person of the Tamil Nadu Text Book Society for preparing text books in Tamil. He was a Resources person in the National Policy of Education in which he trained more than 2000 teachers. He also prepared the work shop on Radio Lessons in Tamil for the School Teachers under the State Coun cil for Educational and Research Train ing Programme. He had completed Projects on Salem, Namakal Aranthangi and Erode District inscriptions.
He was a Visiting Associate of the Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla.


Culture and civilization, like homosapiens are evolutionary in nature. The significence of culture and civilization is continually felt by the people. It remains a lighthouse to the sea of humanity. The world, today, is too small to allow anyone to live a segregate existence. The social animals always look for symbiotic relationship. However the materialistic culture invaded earth and made strife eternal among people. The cultural aspects of people have been pushed to the background. As such the noble ideal of achieving Universal Brotherhood remains elusive. In the present context, the need for correct understanding and appreciation of people and the knowledge of different cultures arise.
The present has its origin in the past and also indicates the future. The future of humanity depends on the present. Any digression in the onward march of humanity has to be corrected immediately with the help of the past. The current scenario of the world and of India clearly indicate how the diversive forces are operating and destroying HUMANITY. As such International Peace or Unity in Diversity is possible only when there is a real appreciation of the sensibilities of other people.
In the preparation of the book "Tamil Civilization in Epigraphy" considerable academic assistance has been made from the Inscriptions. So for no sincere and serious attempt have been to write about the civilization of the Tamils based on inscriptions. It is a serious and fresh attempts in this field.
Numerous studies have been undertaken by various scholars in respect of the analysis of Tamil inscriptions. But the present work is an attempt to bring out the civilization of the Tamils.. All the published texts of the inscriptions have been consulted. This was found sufficient because the aim was to collect material from the qualitative point of view and not from the quantitative point of view which will only increase the bulk of this book.


EPIGRAPHS are one of the reflective mirrors on the History of mankind. They are like manuscripts of inscriptions of calligraphic excellence. Their contents are not fictitious, but relevant facts of the past of the Society.
Epigraphs, as historic evidences, supply us an abundance information on the following topics: polity, bureaucracy, local self-government, ordinances, documentation, survey of lands, weights and measures, numismatics, temples as centre of arts and architecture, taxonomy, the deities and modes of worship, festivals, patronage of poets, philanthropy and philosophy with the touches flora and fauna.
The post independent India witnessed states reveling in the revival of their past glory. Tamils scholars ushered in literary renaissance by reproducing the messages of epigraphs into their prevalent synonyms. Their stainless efforts proved to be are interesting revelation of the past glory.
Dr. A. Krishnan has done the spadework in this chosen field of history-cum literature. We can call him 'the First among his equals'. His disinterested mission lies in his painstaking but perfect transcription of the inscriptions, their connotations. reconstruction of History and restructure of the Tamil literature.

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