Temple Chimes- Poems of St. Thayumanavar (An Old and Rare Book)

Temple Chimes- Poems of St. Thayumanavar (An Old and Rare Book)

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Book Specification

Item Code: AZG747
Author: S.P.Y. Surendranath Voegeli Arya
Publisher: International Institute of Tamil Studies, Chennai
Language: ENGLISH
Edition: 1997
Pages: 80
Other Details 8.50x5.50 inch
Weight 110 gm

Book Description

It has been Joy and a privilege to prepare Surendranath Voegeli Arya's translations of Thayumanavar for the press. In giving us these fine renderings of the Saiva saint, my Indian friend has done great service to Western readers. For Thayumanavar belongs to the whole world. His poems will one day take their place in the Larger Bible of the Universal Church.

This little book is by its very nature appointed to be read in churches A devotional spirit pervades every poem. But the teaching of Thayu manavar does not end in the temple. Thayumanavar was great Bhakta, but his love always leads to Karma-yoga. Religion is not only for the temple, it is for the home and the market-place and the government house. Religion must be lived.

The name of Thayumanavar is a household word in the Tamil speaking country. The saint has his place in the Saiva religion. Like the Buddha, he pointed to a Middle Way between two extremes. And because of him, many have since walked in that Way. But it is the world view of Thayumanavar that appeals most to me. It is thrilling to find the essence of universal religion in words written so long ago as the seventeenth century. Good men of every faith will respond to the all embracing love which finds expression in such poems as "Universalism," "Worship of the Supreme Spirit," "The all Pervading God," "Spiritual Democracy" and "Thy Salvation is for All." Psalms such as these could only have been written by one of the Great Companions. Throughout the ages the sectarians have tried to shut God "in the prison-house of their narrow creeds," but the Great Ones of the earth have always re juiced that the Father-Mother-spirit cannot be so confined. Like Tha yumanavar, they have said: "It is good to know that Thou art infinitely better than the intolerant priests and their blind followers describe Thee to be."

This is a book for all who are working for World Religion and World Brotherhood.

Far away from inspiring presence of my wife, presiding deity over body, mind and soul, away from my ever-beloved sister-in whose my comforts enabled to work Without getting tired disgusted with and problems, for away from faithful friends who were always eager help many undertakings, away from my homeland noble elevating influences, that which me and keeping cheerful, happy, enthusiastic industrious, true devoted the ideals Satyam, Shivam Sundaram, my morning devotion at the feet of Satchidanandashivam Before morning devotion, times, I the Upanishads sometimes, Bhagavadgeeta sometimes, the Dharma Pada, sometimes, Kabir, Guru Nanak, Tukaram, Avvai, Valluvar, Vemanna, Kanaka Pedda Tirumu lar, Thayumanavar, Pattanathu Swami Ramalinga, Meikanda De van, the Bible, Al Koran. translations little book are the re sult my morning devotion with St. Thayumanavar when in Ox another volume shall discuss the ethical, religious and philosophical brief of his life and work. Many.

St. Thayumanavar was born the year A.D. 1608 during reign of the king Shri Muthu Krishna Naidu and took leave this world the year 1662 during the reign the king Shri Vijayaranga Chokkanatha Naidu's son. His father's name was Shri Kediliyappa Pillay, was loved, admired and revered by his people his erudition, and character. Because of his exemplary character and unselfish Shri Kediliyappa Pillay was chosen by the people the head a Saiva tem ple in his native place. And because his ability, shrewdness, intelli gence and cleverness, he was made the Prime Minister the Chief Financial Adviser to the government the kings Muthu Krishna Naidu and Muthu Veerappa Naidu. During those days, throughout Naidu kingdom in South India, Vellalas were the principal advisers trusted friends of the Naidu kings. The Vellala community only produced statesmen and financial experts, but also gave birth great of letters, poets, mystics, philosophers, prophets and seers.

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