The Anunnaki Tarot: Consulting the Babylonian Oracle of Cosmic Wisdom By Joshua Free

The Anunnaki Tarot: Consulting the Babylonian Oracle of Cosmic Wisdom By Joshua Free

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Enter the sacred temple of Babylon and discover secret knowledge known to the Seers of Marduk. The first guidebook to concisely align tarot symbolism with a comprehensive review of Anunnaki archetypes as they appear in ancient Babylonian Mardukite tradition. Arcane mysteries are revealed in this revolutionary new tool of personal exploration! 

Ancient archetypes of civilization actually originate in Mesopotamia--so, rather than take arbitrary themes and impose tarot symbolism, Joshua Free's extensive background in esoteric knowledge and Anunnaki traditions allows him to bridge these two aspects in an incredible new way, both historically authentic and mystically valid as a practical tool of modern "Mardukite neo-Babylonian spirituality."

This is not the first time that Mesopotamia makes an appearance in tarot--however, it is the first time that the post-Sumerian or "Mardukite" Babylonian paradigm/worldview is represented properly. Where some have presented what they call Babylonian, in reality we are given combinations of the Babylonian and pre-Mardukite or Enlilite systems interchangeably and often placing emphasis on deities and myths that aren't central to Mardukite Babylonian religion.

Joshua Free spent 10 years as Director of the "Mardukite Research Organization" collecting notes for "The Anunnaki Tarot: Consulting the Babylonian Oracle of Cosmic Wisdom" guidebook, hoping to one day be partnered with a graphic artist that appreciated this realization of "The Anunnaki Tarot" and could enhance ancient specimens of Mesopotamian art to fit the author's specifications. Enter: Kyra Kaos, a Mardukite graphic artist contributing all of the images that grace this volume alongside the author's descriptions, based on the limited edition physical card set (available separately) from the "Mardukite Truth Seeker Press."

At the author's request, an additional set of reproduced card images appears in a specially formatted graphic appendix allowing readers to cut out and store a paper version of "The Anunnaki Tarot" in the back of the book.

  • Paperback: 180 pages

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