The Devil's Plantation", by Nigel G. Pearson. The Black Edition

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"The Devil's Plantation", by Nigel G. Pearson. The Black Edition.

Sub-titled East Anglian Lore, Witchcraft and Folk-Magic, this book takes its name from the lost ‘black book’ of a Cambridgeshire witch, and plots of land sacrificed unto the spirits and the Old One himself, Nigel Pearson’s ‘The Devil’s Plantation’ guides us through the witchcraft, old magic and folklore of East Anglia. This is an ancient landscape, and a melding pot for the beliefs culture and magic of the various peoples who have inhabited it over its long history. And yet, until very recently East Anglia has been a land ‘set apart’ and isolated amidst impassable marshes, Fens and uncleared Forests. Thus East Anglia is a landscape in which ‘the good folk’, land drakes, land wights, meremaids, giants, spectral hounds, saintly miracles, wort Cunning, toad lore, folk magic and indeed witchcraft have been nurtured and continue to play a part in the lives of the people of what has aptly been named ‘Witch Country’.

Pagination: 272 pages, plus 16 pages of photographic plates plus line drawings and figures by Gemma Gary



Introduction to the 2nd. and 1st. Editions.

Chapter 1. Hallowing the Compass
Calling the Directions
Content of the Rite
Closing Statement & Thanksgiving
Honouring the Directions
Opening/Dismissing the Compass
Place of Working

Chapter 2. WandCrafting
What is a Wand?
Aspects of Traditional Tree Lore
Types of Wood
Some Native Trees
Cutting Wood for Magical Purposes
Creating your Wand
Finishing Off your Wand
A Hallowing Rite.

Chapter 3. SpellCrafting.
What is a Spell?
Verbal Charms and Chants
Herbal Magic and Wortcunning
Simples, Potions, Oils and Lotions
Elemental & Nature Magic.

Chapter 4. Censing the Sacred.
History & Background
Practical Applications of Incense
Incense Burning
Incense Materials
Incense Blending
A Rite of Offering.

Chapter 5. Entering the Twilyte.
Some Definitions
Personal Protection
Focus and Attention
Accumulating Power
Trance Working
Soul Flight or Transvection.

Chapter 6. SpiritWorking.
Spirits of the Natural World
Spirits of Home and Hearth
Concerning Familiars
The Fetch Body
The Ancestors and the Mighty Dead
The Elvenkind or Faerie Folk.

Chapter 7. Approaching the Powers.
The God
King of the Wildwood
Walking the Way
The Lord of the Mound
Entering the Maze
The Master of Light
Calling the Master
The Goddess
The Great Queen
Addressing the Dame
The Black Goddess
Watching the Stars Below
Approaching the Power
A Rite of Self-Dedication to the Old Power.

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