The Druid's Handbook: Ancient Magick for a New Age by Joshua Free

The Druid's Handbook: Ancient Magick for a New Age by Joshua Free

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  • Hardcover: 166 pages

AUTHENTIC DRUIDISM! Come venture into the deepest folds of the Green World, enter the Sacred Grove and initiate yourself to the greatest Celtic Mystery Tradition--the Wisdom of the Druids! Discovering true Druidic wisdom of these ancient legendary woodland mystics has never been clearer for our times!

Drawing upon over two decades experience in the neodruidic community, Joshua Free's original underground masterpiece returns to life, newly revised and expanded for this amazing 20th Anniversary presentation. Joshua Free's "Druid's Handbook" is a superior addition to any modern Druid's library--as part of a planned reissue of the author's classic trilogy of materials, including the newly released "Draconomicon."

Providing a new vision with unparalleled clarity for modern Druidry, world renown occultist and mystic, Joshua Free explores the magic and deep teachings of Druidic Lore, including core doctrines and codes, triad teachings of the Bards, natural philosophy, the construction of ritual tools and performance of ceremonial magic involving the elements, trees and forces of Nature--all of which is presented in honor of the true spirit of authentic Druidism.

Whether you are new to Druidry or simply looking to refresh your own practices, this concise, expertly written and beautifully presented guide to the ancient mysteries is sure to reenchant your everyday life with the Wisdom of the Druids.

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