The Gnome Manuscript – Part Two by Wilmar Taal

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The Gnome Manuscript – Part Two:
Magical Workings with Nature Spirits

Wilmar Taal

The Gnome Manuscript by J.H.W. Eldermans has been a mystery for many years. The drawings and sketches of pentacles, talismans and amulets, ritual garments and tools and methods of magic, all graced by his graceful handwriting, have been a magnet to students of the occult, but the many texts in Dutch made it difficult to understand these writings. Wilmar Taal has taken on the task of categorizing, translating and commenting on this manuscript and the second instalment of The Gnome Manuscript will take you into the world of working magic with the little people…

Being the largest part of the trilogy, The Gnome Grimoire will not only bring you the well known Solomonic magic concerning gnomes, but also open the doors to the grey circuit, the circles of unknown witches and magisters who share their knowledge of gnome magic, and for the first time translated into English. It will enable the practitioner to prepare foods that gnomes are attracted to, to build contraptions that enables you to see gnomes roaming free in the fields or to gain the aid of a gnome during the search for hidden treasure. The Gnome Grimoire is your go-to book concerning the magic with gnomes, at least Dutchgnomes…

The book is profusely illustrated throughout with over 360 drawings, talismans and examples of handwritten text by Eldermans.

Wilmar Taal (1969) is a Dutch cultural historian specialized in history of the occult, Dutch folklore, horror fiction and ‘hidden histories’ of The Netherlands. He has authored four books in Dutch and three in English, is married and lives with his wife and spoilt rotten cat near Amsterdam and parttime on De Veluwe…


Chapter One: “Magic to Attract Gnomes”

Chapter Two: “Magic to Repel Gnomes”

Chapter Three: “Treasure Magic and Gnome Assistance”

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