The Magic Bag Occult,Esoteric

The Magic Bag Occult,Esoteric

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Mark Probert (1907-1969)

The Magic Bag is a book about higher level intelligences that explain life from the esoteric viewpoint. There is a harmonizing of philosophies of the East here that is explained in more detail. This is great knowledge for truth seekers who are open minded. You will receive an education that you would only learn if you had been a member of an esoteric or mystical organization. I recommend this highly. Rosicrucians (AMORC) members will appreciate this immensely. Those of you who want to know what is in the higher degree monographs have it here. Enjoy. Masonic members will finally learn what true Masonry is all about.
For almost three years thereafter, we held private seances once a week with Mr. Layne and occasionally a few of our close friends were invited in.  By the end of the first year, almost all of the members of the group on the "Inner Planes" that Lingford had mentioned at the opening session had come through and introduced themselves, giving brief accounts as to who and what they had been on earth, but most important of all, they gave us some detailed information regarding the nature of the work which they hoped to do through me during the coming years.

They had not only chosen Irene to be my wife but to be their personal guide and assistant in the work.  (And I'd like to say here that she has been much more than that, both to the wonderful beings we have learned to call our "teachers" and to myself through the fifteen years that this work has been in progress.)

They also instructed us that the work was to be almost entirely of an educational nature and that we must not expect much from them in the way of personal matters.

Not having a tape recorder in the early years of the work, a good friend of ours by the name of Mrs. Harriet Foster who was an expert stenographer attended the seances and recorded verbatim the talks given by the "Teachers" in shorthand.  Later, Mr. Layne published these in a little booklet he called the "Round Robin," and then, at a later time they were printed up in separate booklets and called "The Mark Probert Seance Reports."  These writings went out to hundreds and thousands of people in the United States and many other parts of the world.

In order to further the work, the teachers suggested that the time had come to open the meetings to all those who desired to attend.  Observing the growing interest in the type of work they were endeavoring to do, the members of the Inner Circle (the new name the Teachers chose for their group) also suggested we start taking the work to the people in the form of lecture tours.  It was at this time that they decided to dictate a book to me clairaudiently.  They entitled the book The Magic Bag.  This title is explained elsewhere in these pages by the Teacher Lao-Tse.

It took five years for the Inner Circle to dictate the contents of The Magic Bag to me, but in actual writing time I am sure it was much less than that, for the dictation was given periodically.

Then one night in 1947, the year they started to dictate the book to me, five of my Teachers suddenly appeared in the living room of my apartment.  That I was "seeing" them clairvoyantly did nothing to lessen my sense of fright, and had they not somehow taken a hold on me mentally I would have bolted out my front door and perhaps without opening it!  Anyway they quieted me down by assuring me that they were some of the members of the Inner Circle and so had no reason to fear them.  Then they said that their only purpose in showing themselves to me was to have me paint portraits of them.

I made pencil sketches of the five and they left, saying they would return as time permitted to have me finish the portraits in oils.  Some of these portraits have been photographed and incorporated in The Magic Bag along with some others that I painted at a later date.

In order to publish and disseminate the teachings of the Inner Circle, we formed an organization called the "Kethra E'Da Foundation."  Kethra E'Da means "Teachers of Light."  The organization was founded July 6, 1956, and is a non-profit educational foundation.

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