The Mayans Order by Rose Dawn,Vade mecum volentibus antis Lessons 1-308 pdf's !!!

The Mayans Order by Rose Dawn,Vade mecum volentibus antis Lessons 1-308 pdf's !!!

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This lot will come in the form of PDF"S for a fraction of the cost of the original hardback items that was listed at $1400 dollars . You will receive a download link via your email inbox within 48 hrs to download this allotment of Pdfs . 

Vade Mecum Volentibus annis

I would like offer a rare lot of Monographs,Books,Magazine and pamphlets of an Occult fraternal order of mystic teachings of the Mayans Order by the channel and psychic known as Rose Dawn and Koran (Harold Emerson ).This lot takes you up toward the end of the 10th degree as secretly taught in this no longer functioning fraternal order. Every booklet is an original printing with few marks and no highlighting. There is a total of 314 items comprised in this lot.This rare set teaches one to master the higher faculties of the human mind,kaballa,masonic alphabet,signs ,symbols,egytpian mysteries,mayan mysteries,hebrew alphabet,bible mysteries, and secrets that appeared to be channeled through the medium Rose Dawn.These lessons also include the secrets of numbers,letters,names along with some of the secret history of the surrounding landmasses on the planet.Its quite a bit and is boldly different than the traditional teachings of the amorc,martinist or mystic brotherhood lessons.

1 separate  introductory monograph into the Order  and a continious series of 1-308  (then there is 3 separate supplemental monographs ) 

1. Rose Dawn of the book The Orient ,
1. a summer rival Mayan Order booklets thats 50 pages 
1. the festival faith,
1.Mayan mysteries magazine 
1.The Miracle Power 
1.The Search for Happiness 

Most of these items cant be found anywhere at this time.
Any question please send an inbox message and Ill try to address them promptly 
Amorc,Martinist,B.O.T.A,builders of the Adytum,Rosicrucian,Golden Dawn,L.V.X, Fraternity of the Hidden Light,Rose-Cross
Thelema. OTOA, Aleister Crowley,SRIA,Kabbalah,Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn,

There are no refunds for this item do to them being electronic downloads !!!

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