The Mirror of Elicona by Phil Legard

The Mirror of Elicona by Phil Legard

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The Mirror of Elicona

Phil Legard.

A Guide to the Underworld.

Published in February, 2012.

12 pages.

The Mirror of Elicona is a grimoire in the form of magical biography: a personal reflection on a series of encounters with a spirit who was, up until the close of the early modern period, perhaps frequently called upon by the magicians and cunning folk of the British Isles. The purpose of this Mirror is not only to make a small contribution to the development and appreciation of what might be called ‘proto- Goetic’ magic, but also to share something of the author’s own magical practice, which in the last decade has moved significantly away from ritualism to a more subtle appreciation and engagement with the spiritual hierarchies around us.

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