The Sorcerer's Handbook: A Complete Guide to Practical Magick

The Sorcerer's Handbook: A Complete Guide to Practical Magick

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  • Hardcover: 172 pages

    For centuries, direct access to the realm of magick has been sought -- then, finally what the world waited for... arrived. Discover the power of magick with "a book that changed the world, " telling it all without the usual occult jargon.

    After sparking advancement on the "magickal path" for thousands of seekers in over two decades, the original underground classic "Book of Shadows" by "Merlyn Stone" returns, revised and reissued, for a special hardcover 21st Anniversary Collector's Edition presentation.

    Concise progressive lessons developed to enable the fastest personal results in magickal training and development provide key instruction for:

    • Ritual Magick and "Spellcraft"
    • Elemental Magick and "Earth Power"
    • Neopaganism, Wicca and Witchcraft
    • High Magick and Ceremonial Arts
    • The "Golden Dawn System of Magic"
    • "Enochian Magick" of Dr. John Dee
    • Necromancy and "Magickal Warfare"
    • Tarot Card Divination
    • ...and many more esoteric topics!

    Originally self-published in 1998 by Joshua Free, writing as "Merlyn Stone," the author of "Elvenomicon -or- Secret Traditions of Elves and Faeries," "Draconomicon: The Book of Ancient Dragon Magick" and "The Druid's Handbook: Ancient Magick for a New Age" -- also available in special anniversary hardcover collector's editions.


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