The Tablets of Destiny

The Tablets of Destiny

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There is perhaps no greater enigmatic and potentially powerful aspect of Sumerian tradition and Babylonian cuneiform literature from ancient Mesopotamia than the infamous "Tablet of Destinies"--or "Tablets of Destiny." Here is the first ever public demonstration of secret knowledge and wisdom drawn from the legendary cuneiform relics, far surpassing any previous academic interpretation of ancient artifacts available. Here is the result of one man's quest for the "magic" behind the "magic" a rediscovery of the original system of perfecting the Human Condition on a Pathway which leads to Infinity. Here is a new map on which to chart the future spiritual evolution of all humanity!

The "Tablets of Destiny" constitute the prehistoric heart and soul of Mesopotamian "mythology" and "magic"--if we are to use the most convenient terms applied to its general understanding. But, as a result of these terms, we are offered very little concrete functional or practical knowledge to apply to our lives. Our contemporaries in this field only translate and interpret the "language" of these ancient mysteries, but with little true Self-Honest understanding of what these "words" and "symbols" originally represented to the author that first set them down. But now, this has changed!

In "Tablets of Destiny: Using Ancient Wisdom to Unlock Human Potential, " Joshua Free maps the highest route to esoteric knowledge--expertly bridging materials from the "Mardukite Research Library" with the wisdom and latest clarity revealed by the advanced "NexGen Systemology" New Thought division of the "Mardukite Research Organization." This much anticipated foundation work and public debut of "Mardukite Systemology" provides a concise and accessible guide to the fundamentals of "cosmic ordering" and the "systematization" of the Human Condition, described on cuneiform tablets as "control of the Divine ME"--or else, the "Arts of Civilization"--the supreme knowledge and wisdom that commands all true authority of godhood in the heavens and sovereignty on earth. Access to this amazing potential is now available to all!

Here is the map to "pilot" your own destiny!

For nearly a decade these matters of Mardukite Zuism remained privately in the domain of an advanced division of the "Mardukite Research Organization" known from its brief public references as the "NexGen Systemological Society" (NSS) governing the new "International School of Systemology" (ISS). This faction has operated in the esoteric underground since 2011, developing this direct extension of the "Mardukite Core" to support future research and discovery of continuing work, as it applies to the present state of the Human Condition and its imminent future.

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