Traditional Folk Media In India: Practice And Relevance

Traditional Folk Media In India: Practice And Relevance

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Item Code: UAL240
Author: Dr. Raghavendra Mishra
Language: English
Edition: 2016
ISBN: 9789380550602
Pages: 217
Other Details 8.70 X 5.60 inch
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Book Description

This book is outcome of interest and affection of the author that has been developed during last eight years as learner of communication studies. During the journey from Banaras to Silchar (a remote place in Northeastern part of country) the author encountered with many scholars, students, performers, and presentations and witnessed beauty of traditional folk media in the age of information overload. and growth of ICT and increasing dependency of human. being on the new means of communication.

The book has two sections (not formally divided), one includes first four chapters dealing with basic understanding of traditional folk media and second part includes eight chapters covering practices and existing status of such media. in real community environment. The field based chapters mostly dealt with traditional folk media practices of Northeast India. Book find that traditional folk media still alive and effectively contributes in development, entertainment, education and even marketing In a society like us where cultural diversity and complex social structure is leading factor for change and development traditional folk media is a great community unifier and social belongingness. Affection to traditional folk media gives people emotional, mental, social and cultural satisfaction.

The ethnic identity and cultural rituals are preserved and transferred to next generations through traditional folk media. The book is an small attempt to understand and discuss the different issues related with the importance and utilization of traditional folk media in diversified socio cultural environment of our country.

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