Traditional Witchcraft Cornish Book of Ways By Gemma Gary Black Edition

Traditional Witchcraft Cornish Book of Ways By Gemma Gary Black Edition

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The tenth anniversary reissue of Traditional Witchcraft – A Cornish Book of Ways 
Black Edition; a limited edition of 250 hand-numbered examples in Royal format 234 x 156mm, bound in beautifully grained black recycled leather fibers, with black foil blocking to the front and spine, black end papers, with red headand tail bands. 90gsm white paper stock.

Pagination: 224 pages, profusely illustrated with new line drawings, plus photographic plates.

In this new revised second edition much of the text has been re-written, with the introduction and the chapter exploring The Bucca being particularly expanded upon from the first edition. Of the fifty photographs presented within this book, only thirteen appeared in the first edition.


The Cunning Path 

The Dead and the Otherworld 

The Bucca 

Places of Power

The Tools of Cunning

The Witches’ Compass

The Hearthside Rite 
The Compass Rite 
The Troyl Hood 
A Ritual of Closing 

The Trade
The Hand of the Wise 
Planetary Virtues 
Magical Substances 
Charm Bags
Workings of Protection 
Workings of Healing
Workings of Love 
Workings of Good Fortune 
Workings of Spirit Magic 
Workings of the Weather 
Versatile Ways 158

Rites of the Moon

The Furry Nights
May’s Eve 

Initiations on the Cunning Way
A Rite of Dedication

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