Tughluq Architecture of Delhi (An Old and Rare Book)

Tughluq Architecture of Delhi (An Old and Rare Book)

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Item Code: UAJ096
Author: Abha Rani
Language: English
Edition: 1991
Pages: 253 (B/w Illustrations)
Other Details 10.00 X 7.50 inch
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Book Description

About The Book

The Mughals hold an important place in the medieval history of India with their rule of more than three hundred years extending over most of India. From 1320 to 1388 AD most of the northern and central India was ruled by three kings of Tughluq dynasty who established the strongest and the most creative state in the history of Delhi Sultanate. The Tughluq period in Indian history has been culturally significant in many ways. The Tughluqs were great builders and have left remains of several secular and religious buildings in India. The historians unfortunately did not properly notice the important architectural marvels of the Tughluq period built by Ghiyathu'd-din Tughluq, Muhammad bin Tughluq and Firuz Shah Tughluq.
The Tughluq architecture of Delhi should, therefore be studied as a link in the continuous growth of the art in India. The present volume is a desideratum that fills the gap of comprehensive material on Tughluq architecture in Delhi. The volume is divided in six chapters including I. Tughluqs: Politico-Religio-Cultural Background, II. Religious Architecture, III. Secular Architecture, IV. City Complexes, V. Restoration Architecture, VI. Architects, Materials and Techniques and Conclusion. Besides text a number of Plates, Figures and Map have further enriched the volume's worth.

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