Tyndale Biscoe of Kashmir (An Autobiography) (An Old and Rare Book)

Tyndale Biscoe of Kashmir (An Autobiography) (An Old and Rare Book)

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Item Code: UAO424
Publisher: Swati Publications, Delhi
Language: English
Edition: 1993
Pages: 280
Other Details 9.00 X 6.00 inch
Weight 410 gm

Book Description

About The Book

The book constitutes an autobiographical account of Rev. Canon Tyndale-Biscoe, an outstanding missionary Kashmir whose contributions to the development of education in Kashmir is remarkable. Canon Biscoe set out to kindle a spark of enlightenment in liberal knowledge in the valley which was to play a vital role in development of modern Kashmir.


UCH has been said and written about Canon Tyndale-Biscoe and about his remarkable work and influence as a Schoolmaster in Kashmir.. From this book, carrying as it does the impress of his personality, many who never had the privilege of knowing him, will be able to see for themselves what the secret of that achievement was.

Unconsciously, as I suppose, the boys in his school breathed the atmosphere of his own life and conduct. His standards instinctively grew into theirs. A sense that there was always a sharp distinction between right and wrong; a loyalty to principle, and fearlessness in standing up for it; generosity of judgment; the recognition of obligations, expressing itself in service that boys and men were happy to give; these were some of the things that his boys learnt from him and that, as they went out into the world became the foundation of their citizenship..

Thus will the work that he did continue to live and speak through the lives of many of his old boys, and whenever the value of it is discerned, the name of Canon Tyndale-Biscoe will be held in honour.

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