The Ultimate Reality and Realization

The Ultimate Reality and Realization

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Item Code: UAH963
Author: I.K. Taimni
Publisher: Theosophical Publishing House
Language: Sanskrit Text with Transliteration and English Translation
Edition: 2020
ISBN: 9788170594444
Pages: 215
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Book Description

About The Book

THIS treatise which is entitled Siva Sutra in Sanskrit belongs to the school of Kashmir Saivism. The philosophy underlying Siva-Sutra is based upon the existence of an Ultimate Reality which manifests itself as the whole universe, each monad being merely a separate centre of consciousness and power in that Reality and having universal consciousness and universal power (Siva and Sakti) hidden within him in a potential form.

The three sections in this book deal with the unfoldment of consciousness from the point of view of Divine Consciousness (Siva), of Divine Power (Sakti) and of Monad (Anu).

"Those who study this treatise carefully and are able to appreciate its grandeur and beauty adequately will be able to see for themselves that it must have come from a very high source, although given out through the medium of an ordinary scholar inspired temporarily to receive and pass on to the world its priceless message. The very nature of the topics dealt with and the masterly manner in which they are presented shows that the real author of the treatise must be a Self-realized individual who has himself trodden the path of spiritual unfoldment, reached its ultimate goal of Self-realization, and is therefore familiar with all aspects of spiritual life as it is lived by an aspirant and also as it is lived by one who is established in the world of Reality.

Upāsanā-s can be classified under three heads: karmāngāvabaddhopāsanā meditation on certain element of rituals in the prescribed manner', ahamgrahopāsanā 'meditation on Brahman as the self', and pratīkopāsanā 'meditation on some prescribed objects as Brahman'.


MORE and more intelligent people in the world with spiritual Icanings are turning away from the orthodox ideas of religion and philosophy and taking to the realization of an Ultimate Reality which is hidden within the heart of every human being as the ultimate goal of all spiritual endeavour and self discipline. What is the nature of this Reality, how can it be realized, and what is the nature of work done by those Great Beings who have succeeded in this effort and become per manently established in that Reality-these are some of the questions which are bound to be of great interest to all serious students of the Occult Science and those who are treading the path of practical Occultism.

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