Understanding Early Bihar

Understanding Early Bihar

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Item Code: UAL244
Author: Rajiva Kumar Sinha
Language: English
Edition: 2021
ISBN: 9788195267453
Pages: 269
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Book Description

About the Book
The book is an attempt towards understanding issues related to archaeology, history and culture of early Bihar by adopting a multidisciplinary approach. Issues which are thematic and provide new perspectives have been included. Past cultures need to be studied in their totality; as such the focus has been on contextualizing the issues, keeping in mind the historical forces and the undeniable intersection between ecology and cultural change in an evolutionary framework.

About the Author
Rajiva Kumar Sinha (b. 1955) is a former Professor and Head, University Department of History, T.M. Bhagalpur University, Bhagalpur, Biha Bihar. Author of books Geographical Factors in Early Indian Economy (2002) and Manjusha Art: Reflections Folk Lore, Trade and Regional History (2012), he has also edited books titled Anga Sanskriti: Vividha Ayam (2006, in Hindi) and Studies in History and Archaeology of Vikramashila Mahavihara: The Last Beacon of Buddhist Philosophy (2015). He has published more than forty research articles in national and international journals on the socio-economic and religious history of early Bihar. A member of the Board of Governors, Central Institute of Higher Tibetan Studies, Saranath, Varanasi, he has been invited by several prestigious Universities of India and abroad to chair and participate in seminars and conferences. He is one of the editors of Bodhi-Chakra, the Journal of Buddhist History and Culture, published by the Buddha Sanskriti Kendra, Patna of which he is also the Vice President. He is also the executive editor of Asia Prashant, the Journal of Indian Congress of Asia and Pacific Studies, Varanasi, of which he is one of the founding members. **Contents and Sample Pages**

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