Vagyoga: Kundalini Meditation (Spiritual Experiences of Meditators)

Vagyoga: Kundalini Meditation (Spiritual Experiences of Meditators)

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Book Specification

Item Code: IDI882
Author: Dr.Vagish Shastri
Publisher: Vagyoga Publication
Edition: 2001
ISBN: 8185570173
Pages: 496 (Illustrated Throughout in Black & White)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 6.8" X 4.7"
Weight 480 gm

Book Description

About the Vagyogi And The Book

Vagyogi Dr. Vagish Shastri, Ph.D.(on the spiritual language of Sanskrit Verbs) is a master of Kundalini and Tantra, Yogas and has other Doctorate related to Semantics of the spiritual Mantra language. He has specialization in Indologiacal Researches. He applies the timeless wisdom of the ancients to the problems of modern world. He is the author of over 35 Publications, two hundred Research Papers and two hundred editorials in Sanskrit, Hindi and English languages on various topics including Vedas, Vedant, Puranas, Tantra, Yoga, History, Word Pahilosophy, Linguistics and Literature. In the three decades he served as Director of Spiritual Education.

This new book of VAGYOGA : KUNDALINI MEDITATION is a very unique work, where meditators have written their experiences of awakening power.

The reader will come to know about different stories of the awakening of KUNDALINI ENERGY. The latent power is sleeping in all of us. You will read how people experienced diving consciousness and a sort of enlightenment. The devotees describe in different chapters of the book the process of purification of body and mind, and how VAGYAGA: KUNDALINI MEDITATION influenced their lives in different ways according to their spiritual level.

It is shown with this book that KUNDLINI YOGA is not only for the highest yogi, that everyone who is on the search for the higher self can awaken his/her KUNDALINI, no matter of age or personality.

All the meditators wrote down their experiences to show that it's neither difficult, nor dangerous to awaken KUNDALINI under the right guidance.

The aim of Dr. Vagish Shastri's institute is to uplift human consciousness and to bring light into our ignorant world.

It is hoped that this book would bring some light into the mysterious KUNDALINI Yoga and cheer up many who are in the search, to practice and get closer to the absolute goal.


Suddenly awakened, latent serpent power can create psychological and other problems. Ever mindful of this, Acharya Dr. Vagish Shastri awakens this 'Kundalini' power only to some extent in his disciples. At a later point more eager pupils may practice to receive the complete nectar of bliss and spirituality.

An American bookseller, Ms. Pickett Huffines, whilst being some what fearful was also eager to experience the awakening of her Kundalini power! Instead of "danger," through the Vagyoga process she has discovered a straight path towards purity and super consciousness. Another person, 'Swami Devananda Natha' of Austria, having practiced under the supervision of Dr. Shastri, took his initiation for enlightenment after only one month. Thus, numerous seekers, people from all around the world, and notably those feeling overburdened with lives many contingencies have rediscovered themselves and experienced true enlightenment.

A story worthy of mention is that of Ms Tal Maoz, an Israeli, who through Dr. Shastri's Vagyoga system has been released from the burden of severely debilitating physical pain, this being the result of improper spiritual guidance given to her by an incompetent teacher of Yoga. Disciples like Dr. Kamal Kumar Mishra, and also Irmgard Haipt a German lady, both of whom have uncovered the light in the face of both deep and separate personal tragedies.

For many the awakening of 'Serpent power' is not an easy task. Some seekers having left their families, becoming "Sadhus" doing tapas, and spending several years being in austerity in the forest, still failed to experience this celestial power. Also the 'as committed' but perhaps less "Rigorous" seeker will not find in the many books written about Kundalini a gradual process, or lessons and techniques for the awakening of Kundalini power.

Now through Dr. Shastri's Vagyoga process within a few hours the faithful pupil can experience this creative awakening. During this process Dr. Shastri moves around his meditating disciples, rays of his grace penetrating the essence of their being, and as in 'the flicking of a light switch' (the) awakening the disciples inner power.

Among the many personal stories related in this book is that of Mr. Elias Cotton, an Israeli citizen residing in Chile, South America. During meditation and whilst Dr. Shastri was standing on his right hand side, Elias experienced an overwhelming jolt of power surging through his body. Knowing this to have emanated through Dr. Shastri he subsequently was compelled to relate this event to his father; himself some what renowned among his patients as possessing the ability to channel superhuman power. Both he and his wife arrived in Varanasi within two weeks eager to acquaint themselves with Dr. Shastri, their son's mentor.

'Gurudeva', Dr. Shastri's power is so connected to the meditating disciples energy that when he leaves the room during a session his disciples experience an energy shifted from their bodies. For example, Mr. Jean Baptiste Leblay, 'Mast Ram', Frenchman, artist and musician, describes his feeling Dr. Shastri's energy diminishes within himself when his teacher leaves the room !

Many experience such release that they are brought to tears; because with the release of 'blocked energy' purity and bliss is realized. Mrs. Kalia Kukla a Canadian Yoga teacher writes, "During my Vagyoga Meditation I was able to move energy through the Chakras. Significantly, there were sensations at the left of my neck, my ear and throat. These sensations resulted in a spontaneous flow of tears unmotivated by emotion. "My crown pulsed with sensation followed by a profound peace."

This book relates the experiences of devotee meditators and infer how their contact with Dr. Vagish Shastri has affected their lives in very real ways. Here are their own stories as written with their own hands. Dr. Shastri's only input in the production of this book has been to classify and arrange the manuscripts for presentation in book-form.

This book is divided into seven chapter, as follows; 1. The abode of energetic grace; 2. Yogic Postures and Mudras; 3. Pranayama and energy; 4. Chakra Meditation; 5. Meditation on colors and light, 6. Meditation on Mantra Vibration and 7. Vagyoga: Kundalini Meditation.

Including with each mediators name is their date of birth. This is so that the reader can see that regardless of age difference, all share a common experience. All comers have had the same experience despite one writer. He claims in he respected book that it is "difficult" for those older than 25 years of age to experience 'Kundalini' Awakening.

Contained here are the collective experiences of Meditators of all level and degrees of attainment, men and women who are Dancers, Priests, Poets, Advocates, Professors, Housewives, Musicians, Soldiers, Artists, Carpenters, Businessmen, etc.

The introduction to each chapter has been completed by Dr. Shastri with an input from the editorial assistants. There is also attached at the end of the book a name listing of the seven hundred approx meditators who have studied with Dr. Shastri. Also contained are many photographs of those whose experiences are contained with in. One will also find several diagrams and illustrations given in order to clarify the subject.

Not forgetting Julie Rappaport and Mary-Ann Wuebker who also assisted in proofreading. Gratitude also to 'Mataji', Rekha Tripathi and her daughters-in-law Mrs. Versha Tripathi and Sangita Shastri who provided all facilities to the editors during the production of this book.

1. My Guruji, Pt. Vagish Shastri, A Pure Vessel of Enlightenment And Light-Victoria Nassim 3-8
2. Rare Combination of Practical And Theoretical Knowledge-Mrs. Silvia Bergman, Sweden 9
3. H.H.Dr. Vagish Shastri-Chanddra Sen Sharma 83
4. A Great Spiritual Teacher Beaming With Light-Andrew Dertien, USA 19-21
5. Very amiable,Smiling Man-Kaila Kukla,-Canada 22-24
6. I Found A Great Teacher In Gurudeva-Dawn Sarge, Canada 25
7. Very Knowledgeable Skilled Teacher-Jessica Anthony, USA. 26
8. Gurudeva Gives The Tools-Tracey Hecht, USA. 26
9. Sadguru Places His Power In The Body Of Disciple-Petricia Christensen, Canada 27-31
10. Without Sadguru Kundalini Is Dangerous And Almost Impossible-Miss Mirag Banneman, Scotland 32-36
11. Shri Vagish Shastri My Bridge To the Inside-Kasia Potocka, Poland 37-39
12. Why I Return To Benares Again And Again-Nina Singh of Kapurthala, New Delhi 40
13. The Cancer Disappeared With The Grace of Gurudeva-Celine Gerent, Paris 41-42
14. I Feel Great Contact With Gurudeva-Sally Michaela Broomhead, Australia 43-45
15. A Very Special Man-Ivan Carlos Canellas, Spain 46-47
16. A Specialist of Transmission And Therapeutic Method-Ken Mcdonald, Ireland 48-49
17. Experiences Pretty Powerful with Help of Shri Guruji Baba-Mr. Renquet Pierre, Paris 50-53
18. Gurudeva's Method is Clear And Profound-Andrew Vinsen, Newzealand 54
19 Some one was Accompanied Me-Marieke Streverink, Holland 55-56
20. A Great Yogi-M.V.Balachandran, Varanasi 57-59
21. I am A True Believer In Dr. Shastri's Teaching-Michelle Downs 60-61
22 The Power House of Spiritual Energy-Mr. Jean Baptiste Leblay, Artist, Franch 62-63
23. Feed From Disease And Gaining Power-Mahant Dr. Sarveshwar Das Vedanti, Ayodhya 64-66
24. The Teaching Style is Modern, Open and Accessible-Elizabeth Mihale, Theatre Practioner, England 67-68
25. His Presence was a very powerful Aid-Mr. Liam Young, Veterinary Surgeon, Scotland 69-71
26. My Hopeless Life has been Filled of Light-Miss Irmgard Haipt, Nurse, Germany 72-73
27. My Consciousness Had changed-Dr. Pamela Blosser, Missouri, USA 74-75
28. I Felt His Glowing Energy-Linda Tremblay, psycho Therapist, New hampshire, USA 76
29. A New Vision To My Spiritual Journey-Mr. Roten Gertitz, Israel 77
30. I Felt Great Energy - Niv Shalev, Israel 78
1. Yogic Postures and Mudras-Editors 79-111
2. My Backpain Disapeared-Gabrielle Medak, Garima, Austria 112-114
3. Asanas and Yoga Mudra-Giles Combe,UK 115-117
4. Aware of a New System in the Body-Dien Vecht, Holland 118
5. Powerful Yoga-Mudra-Bruno Lambertini, Argentin 119
1. Pranayama and Energy-Editor 121-141
2. Strong Energy Opened Me a Door to a New World-Miss Segal Ben David, Israel 142-143
3. I saw stairs to Climb up-Marieke Steverink, Holland 144
4. Emptiness was filled by God Energy-Pascale Sanchez, Franch 145-146
5. Sensation Became Stronger Through The Sexual Sensations of the Movement-Miss Petra Pucsio, Germany 147
6. I Feel Lighter and a positive Energy-Leigh Bartholomew, USA 148
7. Circular Movement Inside-Helen, Britain 149-150
8. I Felt powerful and a kind of Bliss-Eva Kathrin Bleymein, Germany 151-152
9. I was going to Topple over-Steven Howken, UK 153-154
10. The Energy Like A Fire-Miss Myra Konings, Holland 155
11. I Feel the Spirit Strong and Clear-Victoria Nassim, Israel 156
12. I Felt Energy Coming from Gurudeva-Mr. Edgar Hofer, 'Devananda Nath, Austria 157-159
13. The Action of Vagyoga Energy-Atru Matsuyama, Japan 160-161
14. I felt in my whole body-Miss Hamutal Ben Hefer, Israel 162-163
15. Great Feeling of Energy-Vanessa Hollo, Cinematographer, Australia 164-165
16. Energy above my Head-Mr.Joseph Lichy, England 166
17. I Felt a little Warmth-Mr. Razi Shaham, Israel 167
18. My Head and Neck Receive the Flow of Energy-Mr. Wick 168-169
19. I Felt a Strong Energy in the Body-Miss Idit Toledo, Israel 170-172
20. We received Energy from him-Lola Gonealez, Spain 173
21 I felt a lot of power-Miss Vania Mara, Germany 174-177
22 You can feel Energy and Internal peace-Mr.Asi Gatesman, Artist, Israel 178-179
23 A Deeper Energy Awakened within me-Dianne Wiseman;Accupational Therapist, Australia 180-183
24. Experience of Kundalini Energy-Angi Dur, Andorra 184-185
25. Energy, Vibration and Light-Miss Kait Forrest, Scotland 186-187
26. There was a warm current from left to right 188-190
27. Play of Energy-Miss Elizabeth Shalev, USA 191-196
28 Flows of Energy Coming up-Mr. Tal Benane, Israel 197
29. Energy will lead me to a better life-Mr. Simon Rattaz, France 198
30. Metamorphosis-Silke ReginaGeletiuk, Psychologist, Germany 199-204
1. Chakra Meditation-Editors 207-216
2. Chakra Bhedana Kriya-Editors 217-219
3. The system of Chakras according to Goraksanatha-G.K. 220-230
4. The Journey Through Chakras-Beth Sarada Shaffer, Australia 231-238
5. Opening of Chakras-Tara Patterson, Canada 239-244
6. Energy Moves Up Through the Chakras-Miss Kaye Tanine Osborn, Australia 245-246
7. Meditation on Chakras was more powerful-Miss Raya Fucs, Israel 247-248
8. Flying or Floating on Water-Avi 249-252
1. Meditation on colours and light -Editors 255-260
2. Beautiful Clouds of colours-Andrew Vinsen, Newzealand 261
3. I Felt Light in my Head-Miss IIja Sibbing, Holland 262-263
4. A Lot of light-Miss Jaconer Janssen, Argentina 264-271
5. It was Glowing with Green Light-Scott Harvey, USA 272-273
6. Circles of colors-Natalia Sittvola, Finland 273
7. I Percepted Divine Light and my life filled with Bilss-Giarde Castro Cardoso IIin, Film star, Sao Paulo, Brazil 274-276
1. Meditation On Mantra Vibration-Editor 278-281
2. Three Kinds of Sound-Petric Renter, USA 281-282
3. The Sound Filled Every thing-Missing Signa Jansen, M.A., Norway 284
4. The Mantra Filled Me with Life-Miss Mali Hofesh, Cine star, Israel 285
5. The Mantra Protected My Life-Tal Maoz 287
6. Celestial Sound Divine Love-Moira Southby, England 288
7. Mantra-Initiation Born Fruit-Rev John Dupuche, 'Jnanananda Natha' Australia 289
8. Importance of the Japa-Yoga:Mental Repetion of Mantra-Sri Gurudeva 290-297
9. Scientific Aspect of Tantric Mantra-Healing-Shri Gurudeva 298-308
1. Vagyoga:Kundalini Meditation-Editors 308-313
2. The Rising of Kundalini-Editors 314-329
3. Awakening of Kundalini Sakti Through Vagyoga Technique-Editors.
4. Serpent Took Me Through The Cave-Maya Preece, Britain 338-339
5. Vagyoga: A Very good Technique to concentrate-Warcholinski, France 340
6. Kundalini was Flowing Freely-tyer Hanzen, USA 341-345
7. Something was Pulling me-Michal Pur, Israel 346
8. Vagyoga:Kundalini Meditation-Mr. Umberto Zizzola, Italy 347-351
9. A Very rich Experience-Mr. Karl Heinz Hearmann, Mrs. Ute Miser, Germany 352
10. The Benefits of Vagyoga Meditation-Paulina Dunker, Sweden 353-357
11. Completely Peaceful and Happy-Julie K. Beal, USA. 362-364
12. Kundalini energy Running Toe to Top-Thomas Powell, USA 362-364
13. Very Powerful and Illuminating Meditation-Maud Macrory, USA. 365-366
14. I Felt Very Happy and Relaxed-Miss Pamela Lothspeich, USA. 367
15. Strong feeling not to speak-Loriliai Biernacki, USA 367
16. I Had Achieved a full Kundalini Rising-Elaine Pippard, Tax advisor, London, UK. 368-369
17. The Spiritual Path-Samantha Blackman, UK. 370-371
18. A very Beautiful Experience-Avner Eitan, Israel 372-375
19. Precious experience and New world-Mr. Masaki Takahashi, Japan 376-377
20. Slowly I reach to God-Hawaldar, Signal, Central Reserved Police Force, 70th Batalian 378-388
21. Awakening of Kundalini Through Mental Shock-Dr. Vastoshpati Shastri 389-393
22. The Course was a big Experience-Mr. Roman Smutny, Austria 398-399
23. A Great Expansion in my Own consciousness-Cristine Andrews, Missouri, USA 400-401
24. My Consciousness had changed-Dr. Pamela Blosser, Teacher, Missouri, USA 402-403
25. I Felt the Force of Kundalini Energy in Meditation-Ilana Bereskin, Canada 404-405
26. I Felt as my ego was going to Disapear-Ilias cohen, Theater Director, Chile 406-407
27. I was afraid of Kundalini force-Picket Huffence, Book seller, USA 408-409
28. You Awakened my spiritual path-Ubiratan Cozaga, Hotel Business, Brazil 410-411
29. Questions of pam Strayer and answers of sri Gurudeva-Pam Strayer, CA; USA 412-425
30 Questions of Mr. Ziggi and Answers of Sri Gurudeva-Mr. Ziggi Zarebski, Poland 426-432
31. The List of Meditators-Editors 433-496

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