Wanderings Through the Garhwal Himalaya

Wanderings Through the Garhwal Himalaya

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Item Code: AZE932
Author: Ganesh Saili
Language: ENGLISH
Edition: 2017
ISBN: 9789385285325
Pages: 244 (Throughout Color Illustrations)
Other Details 8.50x7.50 inch
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Book Description

About the Book
You may breaks you may shatter the vase, if you will But the scent of the roses will cling to it still This book is a delightful collection of introspective essays on the Garhwal Himalaya and life around it. The author draws from his memories of being brought up in the mountains, pictures that linger like a waft of sweet perfume on a breezy afternoon. With affection, Ganesh Saili writes of his many journeys through these valleys wrapped in the mist, travelogues that evoke details of natural history interwoven into the delicate social fabric of mountain life. The book is a living tribute to the large hearted sons of the soil, who, down the ages, have yoked the hills together, through thick and thin good times and bad times, have laughed at the thunder and mocked the skies, have left for the plains only to return, again and again, to the call of the mountains.

The Garhwal Himalaya have always been much more than lumps of rock and ice-an enigma, a constant companion for travelers and explorers. Wanderings Through the Garhwal Himalaya is a gripping study of this incredible part of the Himalaya, which will make you want to be out there in the mountains amid sleet, snow, rain and wind.

About the Author
Garhwal, from an impressionable age, he has trekked the high mountains recording in words and pictures the magic of his beloved peaks. Numerous periodicals, columns, journals and several books translated into over two-dozen languages are a living testimony of this love for the sheer swiftness of the wind, and the magic air from his perch in the Himalaya. In this book, he takes the reader, ever so gently by the hand, through the hills in search of the footsteps of those wanderers who, down the centuries, have walked this narrow path and left their hearts behind forever. With more than fifty years of research as his base, this quintessential free bird, weaves a mesmerizing tapestry in images. What emerges from these pages is a voice of the Garhwal Himalaya.

The night indeed have thousand T eyes' if you were to look down at the below from our little perch in the But must northwards where looms large mountains Garhwal Out here came my father, sixteen-year-old, with little more than his He had joined the male exodus from our village the remote hills Chamoli, in search of any job would give him some.

If time travel possible, you would found strapping lad, with little baggage other dreams, undecided what to do or where to go 'I had no money, so stood at Rishikesh stand, he would tell us years later. looked at charts for cheapest ticket. Threw the dice and one to foothills won the lottery!" Years later, too set out walkabout. But was journey of going back to the mountains had struggled to get away from. Mine was journey search of my roots. So, reader, this of written over period of forty years, simply straws in the wind, or plain tales of travels, wanderings through enchanted valleys. To say: am hostage!' would be understatement.

began in the valley of the Doon where Great Trigonometrically Survey of India was set where in the Colonel Montgomery trained handpicked native explorers ingenious surveying techniques and unleashed them forbidden hitherto unmapped parts of Asia.

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