Why Should Women Wear Ornaments?

Why Should Women Wear Ornaments?

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Item Code: UAO230
Author: Dr. Lynda Borkar& Ms. Nandita Verma
Language: English
Edition: 2010
ISBN: 9789380584287
Pages: 72
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Book Description

'A bejewelled crown adorns the head of Sri Ganapati and the tinkling bells from His anklets create a melodious sound. This is how Samarth Ramdas Swami has praised Sri Ganapati in one of His Artis (Please refer Glossary). When even Deities are adorned with omaments, how can man keep away from them? For the woman, ornaments are an invaluable cultural inheritance, which maintain her beauty and protect her chastity. For a woman they are not merely objects for display or deriving. pleasure, but are an important medium to provide her with Chaitanya and activate divinity in her. This is explained in this Holy booklet along with the underlying science.

In today's Kaliyug (Please refer Glossary), almost everyone is affected by negative energy problems in varying proportion. How omaments play a valuable role in protecting from distress caused by negative energies such as ghosts, ancestors etc. is also given in this Holy booklet. A mantrik (subtle sorcerer) which manifests in a lady seeker first tries to gain control over her omaments. This establishes the importance of ornaments. How adorning ornaments after applying Vibhuti (Holy ash), instead of adorning them without applying Vibhuti proves to be more useful, will be clear through a subtle experiment conducted by a lady-seeker. This also helps realise the importance of purifying ornaments. Detailed information on various ornaments is given in another Holy text.

Our earnest prayer unto the Holy feet of the Guru is - 'May this Holy booklet make people realise the importance of ornaments and that of the Hindu Dharma, which has given humanity such a gift, full of Chaitanya.'

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