Yoga for Students

Yoga for Students

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Item Code: IDG421
Author: Yogacharya Hansraj Yadav
Publisher: Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan
Edition: 2002
ISBN: 8172762917
Pages: 150 (B & W Illus: 25)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 7" X 4.9"

Book Description


Yogacharya Hansraj Yadav has done modest effort by bringing out the book of YOGA FOR STUDENTS based on Yoga syllabus formulated by State Government for the use of school going children. Shri Yadav has a knack of putting yoga and details of its practices, in a very lucid and attractive manner. I am sure this book shall be received warmly by the student world and shall be of use to them as a key to Yoga for the better and healthy living.

Minster for Finance,
Government of Maharashtra,

10th May, 1973.


This book has been written for the purpose of creating an ideal interest in integral course of Yoga. Actually no one can obtain highest values of Yoga only by reading a book. Therefore no claim has been made that through this book any one can achieve Samadhi or trance consciousness. Kundalini Jagriti or awakening of potential power. Atma Sakshatkar or self and God realisation etc. because these subjects need the guidance of a realised soul (or Guru) and by his grace every impossible thing can be made possible. But the Guru's grace does not fall always and on every one. Real seekers cannot receive the Guru's grace unless they have moral behaviour, physical, mental and emotional discipline as well as potential faculties. Without having individual relationship between Guru and chela, spiritual development cannot be possible. But for the purpose of creating interest and preparing the background for getting the opportunity to receive the Guru's grace, anyone can start the practice of Yoga with the help of this book. This book will guide the people to develop higher perspective towards Yoga and make them physically healthy, mentally relaxed, calm, quiet, emotionally controlled and morally well balanced and be free from all diseases, tensions, stresses, strains, frustrations, distractions and dissatisfaction in daily living.

It will be very appropriate if I say that this book is for better living through Yoga technology and ideology, because Shri Yogendraji, Founder and President of the Yoga Institute, Santa Cruz, and All-India Board of Yoga, Bombay, has provided a simplified course of Yoga on the basis of traditional yoga techniques. The simple course was formulated on his experiences and researches on educational and medical values of yoga during the past 54 years.

Under the guidance of Gurudev Shri Yogendraji, Mother Sita Devi and Dr. Jayadev, Principal of the Yoga Teacher Training Institute, Santa Cruz, All India Board of Yoga has been formulated. The Board has prepared and recommended the simple syllabus of Yoga for students and householders. The purpose of this syllabus is to impart the correct and ideal knowledge of integral system of total yoga for the development of integrated personality. The does not make the people become a yogi but behave like a yogi and initiate themselves into having real qualities of yoga students.

On the basis of the above course, this book was prepared. I would like to state that there are descriptions of certain practices beyond the course and these practices are introduced in the syllabus of the Government of Maharashtra. All these difficult practices are supposed to be taught to the students. Before teaching the students the teacher should have a correct way of teaching and doing. Therefore, with this view, I have tried to describe these difficult practices in a very simple, dynamic and rhythmic manner. But all difficult practices are neither recommended by the Yoga Institute nor taught to the students, because mere mechanical mode of doing difficult practices will not help students unless and until deeper attitudes are created towards the practices. Therefore, each and every yogic practice should be performed along with breathing rhythm (Yogendra rhythm) and dynamic way. This simplified and effective system has been introduced by the Yoga Institute, Santa Cruz.

I am very thankful to my colleagues, Mr. Madho Rao and Miss Dina Chawna, Yoga Teachers, for giving valuable suggestions for the book and also for correcting the manuscript. I also thank Brahmachari Arvind Yadav for his good practices and Mr. Jaswant Singh Bhoee who took pains to photograph them.

I am very grateful to my Gurudev Shri Yogendraji, Mother Sita Devi and Dr. Jayadev. Under their valuable guidance, personal attention and suggestions, I was privileged to be educated in yoga in which I developed my capacity for oration and writing. I can say that all things are happening due to their grace, blessing and encouragement.

Yogacharya H. R. Yadav

1st March, 1973
16 Aristocrat Co-op. Housing Society,
Prabhat Colony,
Santa Cruz,

About the Author:

Yogacharya Hansraj Yadav was born on May 12, 1939, in a small village called Gandhauna in Uttar Pradesh. Early in life he was inspired by his father, Shri Sangram Yadav, a devoted follower of bhakti yoga, and by uncle Shri Jayaram Yadav who is poet of Lok Geet and an Arya Samajist. During his school and college days he came i contact with many yogis and later visited many places in search of the true knowledge of yoga. His search took him to the Institute, and Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra, Principal of the Yoga Teachers' Training Institute. Under their guidance he learned the technology and ideology of Yoga and for the past many years has been teaching Yoga as the science par excellence of "Better Living", thus enabling his students who comprise the young and the old, school and college students, businessmen, bankers, administrators, etc., to enjoy a healthy, peaceful and contented life. And he has been conducting regularly Yoga Training Courses for staff members of Air India, State Bank of India, Dena Bank and Central Bank of India, Administrative staff college of Maharashtra State, Income-tax officers, Yoga Sadhana Kendra Banaras Hindu University and other educational, social, medical and spiritual institutions.

Under a project of the Government of India, he was privileged to undertake a survey of the yoga centres in the country. He is the Founder-member of International Board of Yoga, Santa Cruz, Bombay, and Director of Yogayana. He has since felt the need of good literature that will help to develop the potentialities of the Indian youth through an effective portrayal of our rich cultural heritage. Therefore he has written many books such as - Glimpses of Greatness, Yoga for Students, Yoga Course for All, Yoga aur Vidyarthi, Mahanata ke Gheranda Samhita, Shiva Samhita, Hatha Yoga Pradipika are going to be published very soon both in English and Hindi.


1. Introduction 1
2. Asanas 10
3. How to Start Yoga Practices? 13
4. Asanas for Extremities 24
5. Spinal Asanas 38
6. Anterior Stretching Asanas 48
7. Rotation or Twisting of the Spine 57
8. Abdominal Compression 61
9. Head Low Practices 68
10. Relaxation 71
11 Yoga Hygiene 77
12. Pranayam 88
13. Yogic Diet 97
14. The Guru 102
15. Ethics of Yoga 105
16. Guidelines 109
17. Ideal Sequence of Practices 112
18. Pratyahara 113
19. Ashtanga Yoga 118
20. Guidance For Yoga 122
21. Yogayana 130

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