Yoga Stories and Parables

Yoga Stories and Parables

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Item Code: NAC019
Author: Swami Jyotirmayananda
Edition: 2013
ISBN: 818588384x
Pages: 223 (Illustrated In B/W)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.5 Inch X 5.5 Inch
Weight 240 gm

Book Description

About the Author

Swami Jyotir Maya Nanda was born on Feb. 3rd, 1931 in a pious family in Dumari Buzurg, District Saran, Bihar, a province sanctified by the great Lord Buddha and his holy associations. From his very childhood days he evinced various marks of his future saintliness. He was calm and reflective, brilliant in his work at school and college, loved by his friends and relatives. Always a source of inspiration to all who came in contact with him, he never faltered in his high ethical ideals. Side by side with his higher studies and duties of a practical nature, he reflected upon the deeper problems of life.

The overwhelming feeling to serve humanity through spiritual life led him to embrace the ancient order of Sanyasa on Feb. 3rd, 1953 at the age of 22. Tirelessly he practiced intense austerities, living in the Himalayan retreats by the sacred Ganges River. For over 9 years he was a religious professor at the Yoga Vedanta Forest Academy giving lectures on the Upanishads, Raja Yoga, and all important scriptures of India. Besides this teaching, he was the Editor of ‘Yoga Vedanta’ journal. To his Guru, Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj, Swami Jyotir Maya Nanda was a gem, ever able to assist foreign students in their understanding of Yoga and Vedanta. His intuitive perception of their problems endeared him to all.

His exemplary life, great command of spiritual knowledge, love towards all beings, and his very impressive and dynamic exposition of Yoga and Vedanta Philosophy attracted enormous interest all over India, and in different countries of the world. He frequently lectured by invitation at All India Vedanta Conferences in Delhi, Amritsar, Ludhiana, and other parts of India.

After many requests, he consented to come to the U.S.A. in 1962 to spread the knowledge of India. Crossing Europe, he lectured in various countries. There is a development of an unusual dimension in his range and richness of wisdom... He never contradicts the great scriptures of the world, but adds to them by his unique explanations. In 1964, he toured North and South America, inspiring and elevating numerous students of Yoga.

‘Behind his vast erudition, lies a sincere and feeling heart, yearning for the upliftment of the seekers after truth.’ Wrote M.L. Bazaz, secretary to Late Prime Minister Nehru of India.

In Puerto Rico (from June 11, 1962 to 1969), as the founder of Sanatan Dharma Mandir, he had been rendering unique service to humanity through his regular classes, two radio lectures (one in Spanish and one in English) every week, and numerous T.V. appearances. In March of 1969, he moved his center to Miami, Florida where he has appeared on many T.V. and radio programs, and has spoken at outstanding philosophical centers. He has regular weekly classes in Raja Yoga, Yoga Vasishtha, Hatha Yoga, Mysticism of the Bible, and Meditation at his Ashram ---The International Yoga Society.

Through his dynamic magazine ‘Vision of Eternity,’ his radiant guidance, his ever-effulgent literature, Swami Jyotir Maya Nanda stands forth as the glowing morning sun awakening sleeping hearts to a new dawn of bliss.

Swami Jyotir Maya Nanda occupies today a place of the highest order among the international men of wisdom, and is considered THE GENIUS OF YOGA!

Publisher’s Note

Thousands of years ago across the vast long deserts when the sun sank behind the horizon and the cold wind blew across the sand-dunes, the Arabs sat warm within the tents on the Persian rugs, taking hot delicious food, and then, listening to the marvellous stories of far off lands—the stories of humor, of adventure, of chilling fear, and of sparkling heroism, of strange circumstances in the lives of men and of the magic of human sentiments and desires. They listened to the stories about kings and queens, about sages and saints, about the wonders of God and His Angels. The art of story-telling is as old as humanity.

Sages and saints of India have especially employed this art in preserving the wisdom of the Vedas. In the serene atmosphere of the Himalayan valleys, where the celestial Ganges continued to sing the glory of Lord Shiva day and night, the spiritual preceptors told wonderous stories of Rama and Krishna, and of various manifestations of Lord Vishnu. They illustrated their philosophical teachings with the help of parables, tales and fables, analogies and historical accounts of men gone by.

Nothing captures human heart so endearingly as a story that has a message of ethical value and philosophical insight. Nothing endures the ravages of time so bravely as wisdom conveyed through a charming story. This is the reason that the teachings of the ancient personalities, of Christ and Buddha, have been preserved through numerous stories and parables.

His Holiness Sri Swami Jyotir Maya Nanda is well-known throughout the world for the delightful art of story-telling that he employs in bringing out the truths of the Upon/shads and various scriptures of Yoga and Vedanta. His philosophical discourses abound with vibrant humor and wit, as well as with delightful stories and parables. By adopting this subtle art, he enables his disciples to look within themselves and to discover their failings as well as their accomplishments. They are admonished and scolded, as well as encouraged and pampered, through the stories and parables. And yet, there ego is not hurt; they do not feel the slightest resentment for being admonished, rather, they feel proud of having discovered their secrets by their own wisdom and insight.

Simple stories and parables that were told by Sri Swami .Jyotir Maya Nanda from time to time during his lectures in the Gita, the Upanishads, Yoga Vasishtha, Baja Yoga and other scriptures, have been compiled in this book for the benefit of spiritual aspirants all over the world who do not have the possibility of listening to these teachings directly from the lips of the master, and perceiving the magic that he weaves as he leads the listening mind to the lofty summits of spiritual understanding.

While some stories are original creations by the author, Sri Swami Jyotir Maya Nanda, there are others that have been adapted by him from various sources: folk tales of India, stories that have been told by spiritual teachers from ancient times, from the Mahabharata and Puranas, from Sufi saints from the Middle East, from the fables of Panchatantra, and many known and unknown sources. Swami Jyotir Maya Nanda has told these stories adapting them to his artistic style and has brought forth their morals for a deeper understanding of life and its mysteries.

These stories have been written in a style that can be easily followed even by children, and yet, the wisdom that is gained by them will continue to unfold even until the ripe old age. Spiritual aspirants will gain abundant insight into the secrets of Yogic wisdom by these stories. The teachers of Yoga and those who are eager to disseminate the teachings of Yogic wisdom will be immensely benefited by these stories. Parents should tell these stories to their children and thus plant in their fertile mind the seeds of spiritual aspiration and divine values of life. This book is indeed a rare gift that could be appreciated with a very busy schedule this book provides the best means for understanding the subtleties of spiritual life without going through the voluminous books of philosophy.

In addition to this, the book is amply illustrated to provide a visual perspective to spur the creative imagination of the reader. He will explore his won world of mental symbols and refer to the memories of things that he had known in far off days, and build his own images. The illustrations will be indeed delightful for children.

We thank the staff of artists of the Ashram as well as those who have assisted in proof-reading, composing, and printing these precious writings of Sri Swami Jyotir Maya Nanda.

May the Almighty God Bestow upon you that wisdom which converts all movements of life into a delightful story of success and enlightenment!


Publisher’s Note iii
Dedication xi
Let Each Day Bring xii
Ahamasmi- I Am xiii
The Freedom of the Breeze xiv
Why Do You Sink In Dejection xv
Are You Ready to Go to Heaven? 86
The Asamani Creeper 129
The Aspirant and the Marsh Spirit 146
The Aspirant and the Problem 161
The Beautiful Blanket 169
The Beautiful Face and the Ugly Feet 121
A Bedbug and a Louse 127
The Bird and the Dog 117
The Brahmin and the Thieves 36
The Camel and the Rat 134
The Can and the Minister 34
The Change of Curtain 94
Change of Mind 102
The Cleverness of a Donkey 69
The Clue 204
The Colored Jackal 6
Come Walk with Me 119
Concentrate on Life 92
The Consequences of Greed 106
Cotton in the Beard 202
The Crane and the Crab 197
Craving and Contentment 54
The Crocodile and the Monkey 30
The Deaf Man and his Friends 20
Desire – the Greatest Enemy of Peace 65
The Devil’s Exhibition Hall 81
The Devotee Dhruva 142
The Devotee Mira 14
The Devotee Prahalad 104
Divine Dispensation 40
Do not Teach a Monkey 16
Don’t Pray for Petty Things 51
The Dreamer and the Awakened 111
The Eggplant 79
Ego is the Greatest Enemy 133
The Elephant and the Blind Man 186
The Evil of Greed 85
A Farmer and his Two Daughter 171
Fear More than Cholera 50
Fighting a Paper Giant 38
Foolish Disciples 144
The Foolish Goat 163
The Fox and the Crow 29
A Frightened Rabbit 97
The Gift of Golden Slippers 158
The Glory of Non-covetousness 60
The Goal of Life 61
God and Prakriti 58
God’s Concern for his Devotee 154
Good and Evil 113
The Greatest Questions 49
Greed the Cause of Death 87
The Hair Dye 205
The Hermit and the She-rat 66
The Hollow Drum 185
How the Darkness Was Dispelled 44
How to Conquer Fear 136
How to Drive Away the Thieves 8
Imagination 9
The Jackal and the Ape 96
A King and a Hawk 164
The King and the Farmer Saint 70
The Longest Story Ever Told 180
Magic Mat 185
A man and a Monkey 4
A Man Who Met Death 42
Divine Grace 193
A Dog in a Barbershop 175
A Man with Two Wiv es 188
The Merchant and the Diamond 138
The Miserable Predicament 189
Much Ado Over Nothing 160
Mustard Seeds 80
The Need for Qualification 56
Nose-cut School 151
The Ocean and the Rivers 208
One-pointedness 48
The Parable of a Tale Told to a Child 45
The Parable of the Veena 148
The Philosophy of the Idle Minds 101
The Policy of the Wise Rat 126
The Power of Imagination 145
The Power of Intellect 206
A Priest and the Bear 156
Roar Like a Lion 176
A Sage and a Dog 158
The Saint Who Learned from a Fish 78
The Selfish Snake 172
A Shopkeeper and a Ghost 18
The Spirit of Death 152
The Spring of Eternal Life 140
A Squirrel and the Mountain 26
Stop this Gossiping Habit 77
The Story of an Ingrate 52
The Story of Ten Men Crossing a Stream 90
The Story Told by a Barber 115
The Strange Painter 123
The Three Dancers 37
The Three Friends 13
The Three Skulls 24
The Treasure of the Self 62
Two Drunkards 132
Vision of God 75
When Buddha Was a Child 200
When Indra Become a Hog 108
Who is the Best and Who Is the Most? 168
Who is the Most Handsome? 23
The Wisdom of God 2
The Wisdom of the Hare 10
The Wisdom of the Old Lady 170
The Wise Boatman 22
The Woodcutter and the King 1
A Woolf and a Lamb 178
The Woolf and the Deer 88
Your Wife Became a Widow 21

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