I Am Violet Flame Reference Guide by Saint Germain Foundation via Guy Ballard, Edna Ballard

I Am Violet Flame Reference Guide by Saint Germain Foundation via Guy Ballard, Edna Ballard

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Our Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain has said that He would appreciate it greatly if every “I  AM” TEMPLE or “I AM” SANCTUARY would increase their Violet Flame Classes. It would be well if every “I AM” SANCTUARY would have Violet Flame Classes on Wednesday as well as Saturday; and wherever possible have Violet Flame Classes every morning from 7:00–8:00. We want this added Power in every Group for Greater Protection, Supply, and Victory for the “I AM” Students as well as the Nation.

With these words of Beloved Lotus in mind, the Saint Germain Press is now offering an “I AM” Violet Flame Reference Guide—a softbound book with a beautiful violet-toned cover—summarizing the wealth of Instruction and Decrees given us by the Ascended Masters on this glorious gift of the Violet Flame, and referencing:

Audio Recordings

• Record, Music, and Compact Disc
Printed Material

• The Saint Germain Series Books: Volumes 1 through 19
• The Voice of the “I AM” Magazines: years 1936 through 2004
• Violet Flame Series Booklets: 1 through 7
• Chart Talk Booklets: 1 through 3
It is presented in three sections:

1. Violet Flame—Recordings

• Recorded Dictations sorted alphabetically by Ascended Master. The general
subject of each Dictation is given.
• A listing of records, tapes, and compact discs including the name of the
Ascended Master and length of the Dictation
• An alphabetical listing of Violet Flame Topics, subreferenced by Ascended
• A listing of the “I AM” Violet Flame Decrees on records and cassette tapes,
including the general topics of each

2. Violet Flame—Printed Material

• Alternate Violet Flame Lines for Decrees in “I AM” Decrees—Series One
• A listing of Violet Flame Dictations, sorted alphabetically by Ascended
• Dictation Excerpts sorted alphabetically by topic, subreferenced by Ascended
Master Name
• “I AM” Violet Flame Decrees from:
“I AM” Decrees—Series One

“I AM” Decrees—Series Two

“I AM” Decree Books 1–5

Loose-leaf Decrees

“I AM” Rhythmic Decrees

“I AM” Gem Decrees

“I AM” Affirmations and Adorations; “I AM” Decrees (Saint Germain Series, The Voice of the “I AM” Volume 5)

• “I AM” Violet Flame Rote Decrees
• “I AM” Violet Flame Poems

3. Violet Flame—Music

• The selections of “I AM” Music of the Spheres for use in our Violet Flame
Outline Meetings

In this reference guide you will find treasures of unpublished material taken from Beloved Mrs. G.W. Ballard’s files and from recordings of the Decrees given to us during the Large Classes with her; in addition, you will also find Violet Flame Alternate Lines and relevant, very special personal instruction from Mrs. Ballard on our singing of “The Song of the Violet Flame.”

Our Beloved Mrs. Ballard often encouraged the “I AM” Students to make his or her own index of the Instruction given us by the Ascended Masters; we have prepared this reference guide to include blank pages, thus enabling you to continue to add your own personal references on the Beloved Violet Flame.

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